Bill Collier

tea party sierra club

Some Tea Party activists in Georgia have joined forces with Greens, namely the Sierra Club, to fight against what both agree to be the environmentally hazardous and monopolistic policies of Georgia Power. But their opposition to this power company, which enjoys the support of politicians from both major parties, is not the limit of this emerging alliance.

A Tea Party group has emerged and, while it is small, it may in fact be a portend of things to come as some people on the “left” and the “right” circle around the spectrum and meet in the “middle”, away from extremes of government and or corporate control over individual lives and local communities. This rise of a self-sustaining “localism” is predicted by the writers of “The Sovereign Individual”, who write from a more or less capitalist and libertarian perspective, but it was foreshadowed by Kirkpatrick Sale who, wrote a seminal book on the subject called “Human Scale.”

The “Green Tea” movement touts “environmental conservation” and emphasizes a localist approach, with reliance on alternative energy and/or locally obtainable energy over the centralized energy infrastructure we now have which is corporate and government control. The group wants “decentralized” power controlled by the People in their communities, with an emphasis on using renewable energy sources as much as possible.

Their Facebook Page (The Green Tea Coalition) boasts only a little over 1200 likes and is not very active, but the effort does represent the first real signs of a “populist” unity between activists on the left and the right who both, regardless of their agenda, want more power in the hands of local people and individuals, along with a shift of resources and power away from central governments and corporations.

EDITORIAL NOTE: ¬†We at The Freedomist see this trend as the basis of “Freedomism”, a people-powered approach that relies on sustainability and even political “autonomy”, or greater self-determination, at the local level as opposed to a society controlled from the center or the top by corporations and politicians.