greek flag


The Freedomist classifies organizations like the Golden Dawn as ethno-nationalist progressive, which we usually refer to as neo-fascist because it is a new form of fascism, an ideology that combines nationalism and either socialism or corporatism with a seemingly extremely social conservative and intolerant agenda . Golden Dawn embrace Greek nationalism and imperialism, they have a racial view of the world, and they embrace the idea of government being the prime-mover in human progress through state control or indirect control through regulatory schemes meant to alter human behavior to achieve ideal outcomes. Like moderate and on-fascist, progressives, Golden Dawn reject traditional free market private enterprise.

While the party press is quick to label such a group “right wing”, an epithet used against all non-progressives by the national party press in America, in fact such a label is as simplistic as it is wrong and does not reveal the nature of the organization. The Golden Dawn may in fact wish to provoke such government actions in order to obtain the status of a persecuted victim or underdog, and in order to make the government’s repressive measures more noxious to the general populace, thus driving people into their orbit. The government is not claiming that Golden Dawn is behind this attack and appears to be gearing up for a confrontation with the hard-core group.