Bill Collier- When Attorney General Jeff Sessions proclaims how is going to aggressively use assett seizure to go after criminals, most of the conservative press either ignore or excuse this, though not all. In fact, Breitbart and other outlets have covered this, just look it up in your favorite search engine.

But when government abuses the civil liberties of Republicans or conservatives, the progressive activists masquerading as journalists bend over backwards to ignore it, minimize it, or attack the victims. Among the progressove press there is an ecjo chamber of sameness, as if central casting had defined a role in a movie for a multi-faster single-party press that can literally do nothing more than read the daily talking points supplied daily by the party’s central committee.

While it it true most conservetive media most of the time will tend to focus their bews coverage and editorial in a direction favorable to their side, this tendency seems to prevail to a much greater extent on the other side. But, the truism remains: most concerns raised are a reaction when your side’s ox is gored, while ignoring abuses when the other side’s ox is gored.

Going back to Sessions, he is “our guy”, therefore we tend to give him much more benefit of the doubt. Only lately have we seen his street cred among the conservative rank and file deteriorate, so that a serious questioning of his questionable tactics might be possible.

We now have a memo the progressive activists masquerading as journalists are calling a “partisan report.” This memo alleges that US government agencies conspired to abuse their law enforcement and intelligence powers to spy on, undermine, and then delegitimize a candidate for the Presidency and then elected leader of this country. They did this while apparently working overtime to cover up the misdeeds of the other candidate for the Presidency.

Progressive journo-activists called this memo partisan because the Democrats on the committee refused to participate and actually have tried their best to keep you, the average citizen, from seeing the raw facts. What would make it partisan if there were an unfair bias that materially distorted the reporting in a way that was deceptive or inaccurate.

So, the Democrats refuse to participate in an effort to dig up and reveal the facts regarding objectively questionable conduct that might have led to civil liberties being violated, all becuase in one case, their ox wasn’t being gored and, in the other case, their ox was being potentially protected. Any facts that might reveal these accusations to be well-founded are to be concealed.

The journo-activists then pounce on the lack of Democrat participation, not like journalists who might demand to know what they are trying to hide, but as partisan cheerleaders whose “reporting” mirrors the Democratic Party line. There is no sunlight between what the DNC says about all this and what the journo-activists are reporting.

To a large degree, as noted, some conservative press outlets are far more likely to raise issues when a conservative ox is gored. This seems to be far more prevelant in the progressive press, dominated as its political news ranks are by journo-activists instead of actual journalists.

When government abuses its powers and potentially violates civil liberties, we must all be concerned, regardless of our politics.

Today, we see most conservatives look at the DOJ, FBI, and even the IRS as politicized entities that are run by and for progressive activists who use official positions of power to help progressives and hurt conservatives on the flimsiest of pretexts. And the journo-activists in the progressive press, who have a much greater footprint in America than the conservative press, circle the wagons to defend these alleged abusers.

Nobody on the left has seriously questioned the wisdom of allowing a situation to develop where half the country views some of our most important instutions with suspicion and loathing. They blame the people who question these instutions, as if those questions themselves have no merit.

When President Trump decries fake news and shows numerous examples of what he means, few on the left consider that in the absence of these examples his accusations would fall flat. When a memo alleging a FISA warrant was obtained in an unethical manner, the journo-activists did not even question the veracity, but dismissed it and focused only on how the Republicans wrote this. All the Democrats have to do is refuse to participate and their servants in the press will call whatever it produced “partisan” without in any way addressing the substance. All because their ox is not being gored.