Kentucky Fights Back- Pennsylvania fights Homeschoolers- NASA fights God- Wisconsin fights parental freedom


Kentucky says no to Contraceptive Mandates – Kentucky is set to pass a Religious Freedom bill that will deny Obama and Sebelius the power to issue edicts that violate basic Constitutional Law-

Homeschool Family under the gun of Zealous School Super   – An overzealous PA Superintendent is making up his own standards in bid to break up homeschool family-

NASA’s Intelligent Design Problem – NASA faces a lawsuit for firing an employee who supports Intelligent Design-

Wisconsin Gov wants your homeschool dollars– the Wisconsin Legislature wants to cut a budget loophole, defined as the money you would otherwise spend sending your kids to private schools or on homeschooling


Kentucky set to outlaw Obamacare mandates

Anti-Obamacare Religious Freedom Act moves forward in KY Senate – source-

Kentucky is moving along in its efforts to pass legislation defending its people from the religious bigotry of the Obama administration. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here


PA Homeschool Family faces aggressive Superintendent

PA School Superintendent attempts to shut down Family Homeschool- source-

In my homestate of Pennsylvania, it appears that one of our school superintenents is competely sold on selling out to the Atheist State Church mission of eradicating alternatives to their indoctrination centers. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here


NASA on trial over Intelligent Design Firing

Intelligent Design V NASA trial continues- source

Trial begins this week in a lawsuit over whether NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) unlawfully discriminated against an employee for discussing the scientific theory of intelligent design (ID) at work…. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here

No more vouchers in Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Assembly moves against school vouchers- source- Milwaukee State Assembly set to limit school vouchers Green Bay Press Gazette AP MADISON — The state Assembly plans to pass a bill next week that would… Continue reading → Read more at Click Here