Gay Rights over Parents’ Rights– Canada laws shadowing the fascism to come in America as Canada moves to bar parents from teaching their children homosexuality is a sin-

Opening the door to infanticide– What started as “viability outside the womb’ is moving to ‘viability in the state’ and ‘parental comfort- the new standards of death-

GOP cowardice?– Will the GOP-majority house go forward with its investigation of Planned Parenthood or will the Christian voice for Freedom be ignored?-

Don’t speak well of Christ on the BBC– How the BBC is preparing England to openly persecute Christians



Canada to Parents- don’t question homosexuals- source-

Canada to silence parents teaching Godly standards on sexuality- source-

In an article yesterday on Newswtweeters, the other news blog I write for daily, I addressed a progressive who claimed Christians were bigoted because they used lies and fear tactics to demonize the homosexual agenda. He cited as one of his proofs the claim by Christians that eventually even calling homosexuality a sin could be a criminal offense. Well, this story today really illustrates the fallacy of his argument, and the deception he hiimself is perpetuating. He knows full well America is not quite ready for the kind of depravation of freedom that, say, Canada is apparently prepared to accept. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here:


Morality Creep and Roe v Wade

From viable to parental choice, the tolerance of infanticide through Roe v Wade- source-

Kelly Boggs of Baptist Press writes an excellent article about the after effects of the Roe v Wade decision on the morality of Americans as reflected, ironically, in a debate between two Australian College Professors- the debate was about the preservation of life for a fetus who is outside the body and alive after an attempted abortion. The writer, Kelly Boggs, points out that the mere premise itself is a pathological outgrowth of the Roe v Wade decision, where the black robed oligarchy created a Constitutional standard of ‘viability outside the womb’ to justify the murder of the unborn, but that limit is now being crossed as people become inured to the sterile, neutral depiction of the process of killling an unborn child for the convenience of the parents. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here


Will GOP face down Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood probe stalled- source-

Representative Cliff Stearns is still working to get an investigation started into the practices of federally funded Planned Parenthood, now positioned to make hundreds of millions of dollars in profit pushing morning after pills to women with the aid of the regulation king, Barack Obama, through his unconstititional contraceptive mandate that was enforced through regulatory edict (the abortion queen, Kathleen Sebelius, being the spokewoman of that policy)- Continue reading → Read more at Click Here: 


BBC’s Christ Problem

Is the BBC creating Christ Haters in England? source-

If anyone has ever watched the BBC, in America you can find it on BBC America, you will notice an overall trend of anti-Christian, godless themed shows that don’t just merely present an ‘alternative view’ of Christianity but openly, aggressively attack the faith, many times using misrepresentations of what our faith is. Case in point, the show TORCHWOOD. In the interest of disclosure let me confess that I am a ‘big fan’ of the show, and my wife loves this show even more. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here