The power of Lesbians over the Church – How the Catholic Church caved to the power of a Buddhist Lesbian and suspended a Priest to please her and her godless constituents-

Muslim Brotherhood’s emerging power– Soon, the world may have a second Iran in the form of a Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt-

Pastors, marry gay people- or else- What’s coming to England could be coming to a church near you in the not-so-distant future-

The cross could get you fired in the UK– How wearing a cross to work in England might get you fired, and the courts would be ok with that-

The viability doctrine of progressivism– Will the values of progressivism prevail in the assessment of the value of life itself?  Comparing godly values with the progressive assessment of viability and efficiency-

Truancy charges don’t stick– How one School District tried to shut down a Homeschool family using truancy laws..and failed


Lesbian has way with Priest- with Church assist

Militant Lesbian operative gets Priest suspended over Communion refusal- source-

Barbara Johnson knew full well what she was doing and went in knowing the priest would have to refuse her communion, shamelessly using the death of her mother to launch yet another assault against Christ himself, the true target of her hate and militiant attacks on the priest, who simply met his godly duties, and for that, the weak dioscese that ostensibly represents the Catholic Church cowered in the face of deviancy, choosing the will of the godless over the will of God. Continue reading → Read more at


The Brotherhood Government of Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood rules Parliament- source-

The Anti-Christ, Anti-freedom organization known as the Musllm Brotherhood, that sprouted many leaders in Al Qaeda and other genocidal militant attack groups, is now in charge of the Egyptian Parliament, a move that has the American President, Obama, not the least concerned. Continue reading →


Mandatory Gay Weddings in England?

UK Pastors fear Same-Sex marriage law will force them to conduct gay weddings- source-

England’s road to Godless progressivism is perhaps a decade or so ahead of America’s road to godless progressivism, so it is a good model to study when considering what an openly godlless, progressive America will look like 10 years from now. A recently proposed law by the ‘conservative’ Prime Minister of England, David Cameron, allowing same sex ‘civil union’s has clergy and lawyers suggesting the law will have the net effect of forcing Pastors and Priests to conduct civil unions, what will essentiallly be marriages of same-sex partners within the sancutaries of their chapels and churches. Continue reading →


Have Cross, no work- England’s Religious Intolerance

UK makes it crime to wear cross at work- source-

British Christians are fighting for the right to simply wear the cross, the symbol of Christ’s sacrifice, to work- a British judge recently ruled since he deemed the wearing of a cross ‘not essential’ to the person’s faith, that a company could ban the cross being worn- While America is not quite as far along in its godless attempt to ‘fundamentally transform America’ in the image of the progressive god of the collectivist man, the attacks on Christian and religious freedom in Britain foreshadow what is to come if Barack Hussein Obama and the other progressive worshippers of the collectivist man-god have their way Continue reading → Read more at Click Here


If it ain’t viable, economical- kill it- progressive logic

Progressives justifying murder of unborn on grounds of ‘efficiency’- watching- @trayNTP

This progressive tweet referrs to people who are agains the murder of the unborn and cite concerns for women being able to plan their careers as a justification for the murder of the unborn- Using statistics from third world countries where women are far more at risk of health risks during birth, and actually claiming that allowing the murder of the unborn will save the unborn from murder, the progressives will stoop to any ends to protect this crucial culture of death policy Continue reading → Read more at Click Here



School District Loses Another Home School Family

Truancy Conviction Overturned against Homeschool Family

Once again the HSLDA has come to the rescue of a homeschool family being targeted by an overzealous school district. In school districts where board members are dominated by progressives, this serial assault on Parental and religious freedom continues almost unabated save for the actions of such groups as the HSLDA. Continue reading →