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We are offering up to 25 sponsors an opportunity to reach over 80.000 free subscribers per week and up to 200,000 weekly readers across our properties, including social media and websites. As a sponsor you will be guaranteed exposure to at least 100,000 people per week for your message, a spot in our Online Directory, and a rotating banner on section of The Freedomist. The Premium Sponsorship costs $1250/month and includes a special boost to your specific demographic to reach at least 25,000 additional, targeted individuals per month.

Sponsors can produce content for this site which will also be promoted to our network of social media properties and websites, which reach over 200,000 people per week. Every article you produce will reach at least 5,000 people in a month by itself, and there is no limit to the number of articles you can produce. A small fee of $255 will be required per article for us to write and produce up to 500 words with a unique image.

If you need help with your ads, we charge $350 to create your first set of ads plus $150 to update them from time to time. Ad specs will be provided to you.

You may sponsor one of the following main sections-

The Freedom Courier- covers  self-empowerment and improvement with a focus on freedom and based on a combination of Biblical truth, history, and science. (3 spots available)

The Prosperitist- covers on business, economics, and success news, methods, and resources with a focus on entrepreneurs, professionals, and influencers. (3 spots available)

The Freedomist Voice- covers hazards and opportunities related to personal freedom, like a watchdog, with a focus on the civic or political activist or the news hound who wants more than political headlines. (3 spots available)

News Scope– covers world news, with a focus on an intelligence perspective that uncovers flaws in news reporting, hidden or under-covered news. and predictive analysis useful to the more affluent and world travelers (3 spots available)

RBM News- covers digital, marketing, and PR related news, methods, and resources to enable entrepreneurs and people interested in influencing others to know what works and what doesn’t work to achieve their ends. (3 spots available)

The Freedomist MAIN– this is the main site with sample content from all these sections and with news aggregation from many other news sources, included in a daily Update sent to 80.000 people, with a main SECTION from the other 5 sections each day. (10 spots available)


As a sponsor, you your content will go out once a week within your section and will be displayed in that section of the website through rotating ads. These sections will be promoted through our network, guaranteeing at least 250,000 visits per month per section.

If you wish to appear in MORE sections, the cost PER section is $1250/month or $355/week. You might have a main section and periodically also appear for a week in another section.

What is the Return On Investment? Generally, we expect an initial ROI of 140% or greater for sponsors. who are looking for clients or donors. For instance, a $950/month commitment over 6 months should yield over $8000 in terms of sales or donors. However, this is just the initial ROI, for, as many of you know, client and donor acquisition costs pay out not once, but over multiple years. A new donor who gives $20 one time may give $200 over a 2-year period. A new client who makes a $300 purchase one time may make over $3000 in purchases over a 2-year period. So, an outlay of $3900 over a 6-month period could give you a 2-year ROI of over $40,000.

One of the dig mistakes organizations and businesses make when calculating ROI or when conducting marketing cost evaluations is that the initial ROI to gain new donors or clients is lower but the long-term ROI if they retain and continue to nurture those donors or clients is much higher.

A less tangible, but often real, benefit is the increased exposure and immediate recall potential. What this means is that more people will see something about your organization or business and more people will have an immediate recall of your name when they think of the things you focus on. This can increase your prestige and value to investors, large donors, the the public at large and increase your conversion rate as this increased trust and familiarity makes every offer you make more appealing.

Who can become a sponsor?

Anyone who agrees to our basic premise of freedom founded on the virtue of the four core ideals*, of  liberty based on the US Bill of Rights, and of Independence through the principles and practices of capitalism  can be a sponsor.

Our content is BRAND FRIENDLY, we do not produce or allow content that is intolerant, controversial, or that in any way promotes any form of violence or illegal activity. We appeal to the kind of people for whom such content is not welcome, the kind of people you want to reach with your message.

*The four core ideals are a balanced and Constitutional understanding and application of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law, what we refer to as “America’s spiritual constitution.”

If you would like to schedule a walk-through of this program and how it can benefit you, contact Regal Blue Media direct at (717) 418-9309 and leave a message with your name, phone number, website url, and your business/organization name.


We offer DIRECTORY ADS for $125/month, payable 3 months in advance.
Our Directory will have a guaranteed reach of over 100,000 visits per month
The Directory is advertised DAILY in our weekday broadcast.

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