From tearing down statues of Lincoln to denigrating the nuclear family and assailing free speech, the freedom haters now control every major American institution in a quisling effort to overthrow our country and end our noble experiment in freedom!

Democrats and their corporate backers are both freedom haters who are at war with freedom and freedom’s foundation: the family and our country.

Freedom haters are people for whom the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights is not sacred and inviolate in its most liberal understanding and who reject the foundation of freedom in our land, namely the nuclear family and this country itself.

Whatever their motive and intent, whether it is is their version of justice and equality or some arrogant and utopian aim, these freedom haters are in power everywhere and freedom lovers are their prey.

Recently in America we learned that the CDC is basically admitting that as many as 70% of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 are in fact not caused directly by the illness: even heart attacks (some 83,000 of the 220,000 attributed as Covid-19 deaths) are classified as Covid-19 deaths. Covid-19 doesn’t cause heart attacks. Why is this? The end goal is self-evident, to cause fear and elect Democrats.

We see a national media and major monopoly platforms actively pushing things like the false Russigate lies against Republicans while actively suppressing any news on the Biden Crime Family and their China ties.

Let us not even begin to describe how corrupt our education system has become and how every teacher being trained is indoctrinated with a political agenda run by and for Democrats and Democrats alone. Most teachers and almost every single administrator are more or less footsoldiers for the Democratic Party. One would think that the cancel America, cancel biological parenthood and the nuclear family, and cancel freedom ideology is the only acceptable ideology and all others are beyond the pale.

The ideology that hates freedom, regardless of its justifications for disarming us and muzzling us, is manifested as a sort of corpostate, a gross partnership between corporate backers, often international or globalist, and the Democratic Party, often with help from faux Republicans who play a bit role in this drama.

This corpostate cabal has as many ideological themes as can be used to target and victimize different groups of people. You can’t call it Marxism or socialism per se, and many of the people supporting it will speak in terms of platitudes about equality and justice or even a form of “tolerance” in which those who dissent must be muzzled, especially if they dissent from the rainbow diktat, so everyone other than the dissentor feels “safe.”

We should not forget that the “committees for public safety” were the chief means of oppression during the French Revolution.

But the overall effect is what matters here. The partnership of the top Democrats and the leading corporate backers empowers and enriches them while reducing everyone else to ruin. It is corpostatism. But no such ideology will ever be proclaimed, it is a secret ideology that even its strongest practioners are loath to express or reveal.

Every major American institution has been captured by footsoldiers who hate freedom, which we can say is true of anyone who doesn’t want total free speech and/or who wants to disarm their fellow citizens. Their excuses and justifications should be met with scorn and we should refuse to countenance them.

But these footsoldiers have their own ideologies, hence the difficulty in identifying them as a coherent body with a hierarchy and leadership. What is common is that they are all Democrats and the end result of all they do enriches the corporate backers of the Democrats. They unwittingly support the corpostate being erected through the election, even if such elections are suspect, of Democrats.

Why do Bezos and Zuck and all their crony pals all back Democrats? Because the Democrats’ war on freedom and its foundation, the nuclear family, enriches and empowers them!

Your average person voting for a Democrat has no clue about this and would chalk it up to a conspiracy theory, which they have been indoctrinated like trained seals to irrationally and immediately reject without discussion. They won’t talk evidence or facts, they will resort to ad hominem and strawman arguments or every other fallacy of rhetoric. They have been so severely indoctrinated that they truly and arrogantly believe truth and justice, history itself, are all on their side. They are good and we are bad.

To shake them one has to go beyond logical and factual argument, one has to address their core being and innermost unhappiness, which is very real. It is real because they are driven into an unnatural state of being in which their inner man, attuned to nature and nature’s God, has been suppressed by a carnal and shallow self whose direction comes from the outside, not the inside, of themselves.

It is not true, as George Bush the 2nd claimed, that everyone yearns to be free. His premise was disproven by the fact the US invaded Iraq and gave them freedom which they rejected, leading to untold US casualties. Forget the deaths, many hundreds of thousands of Americans suffeted irreparable physical and psychological harm in these endless wars for the corpostate.

But it is true that most people want to at least be themselves and they want to connect with who and what they really are or can be. This desire and need may be suppressed within them through external manipulation and outright coercion, but given half the chance it will spring forth. Feed it a little sunshine and it will glow red hot into a flame.

Many of us social conservatives are seen as wanting to constrain and limit people. Our “narrow” views revolving around the conviction that all children should be raised by their own biological parents in a lifelong marital bond are seen as the opposition of “love is love.” But we know what these detractors have suppressed within themselves. We know that the best way to make each person inwardly and outwardly free is through this perfect model of humanity: a man and a woman in lifelong marriage raising their own biological children.

Those who attack this truth or who discount it as just one alternative are in fact the ones putting chains on themselves and their society. Free people cannot remain free without the uncoerced guiding hand of family. And to maintain that familial norm is in fact the objective of any good and healthy society, even if the means of doing so are not at all connected to the state.

Freedomists do not believe that we can be happy and free without the moral foundation of most all children being raised by their own biological parents within the maternal enclosure of an extended family and a strong local community that is based on some form of freewill covenant association.

It not our desire, belief, or intention to impose our vision. But it is our determined intention to pursue this in a non-coercive way through free association and in defiance of all efforts to suppress or shun and shame this way of life or to denigrate or deplatform those who boldly proclaim this way is best.

The corpostate is at war with the family because it cannot afford the competition and because the family is the only bulwark they cannot break. If therefore you make this perfection of human civilization, the nuclear family connected to extended family and freewill community bonds, just an option among many and then something bad and shameful, then you have all power.

The issue has never been whether individuals can choose alternatives, freedom includes the freedom to be foolish and wrong. The issue has always been whether our society in its non-coercive institutions would promote the perfect form of human civilization in its fractal, the nuclear family and extended family within free association community bonds, or whether it will be stigmatized.

At present every major American institution stigmatizes the perfect fractal of human civilization. The Democrats lead the charge with their ideas of laws and policy that make it harder on those who wish to live their lives within this perfect fractal. They demand even more indoctrination that this perfect fractal is basically something bad to be avoided while their “love is love” platitude replaces millenia of human wisdom with a shallow and disconnected atomization of individuals into an amorphous and undifferentiated mob.

No matter how many times we say “we just want to worship our God in peace” and leave them alone, this is not enough. The corpostate needs our participation, hence the Biblical admonition “they think it strange that you run not with them”, they demand you run with them or be deplatformed.

If you reject the perfect fractal of human civilization, the nuclear family within the extended family and freewill association community bonds, then that is your right. But this is not the true agenda here, the true agenda is to shun and shame the perfect fractal and to see as few people choose that as possible.

The bonds generated through the biological parents of their own children living and acting within lifelong marriage, the extended family, and a freewill association community bond, are beyond comprehension and cannot be duplicated by anything within an atomized and undifferentiated mass society ruled by a corpostate.

And so every major American institution assails the perfect fractal, despises the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights, and calls into question the very founding and justification for the existence of this country. And all these people are Democrats while most all the globalist corporate ruling class back Democrats.

The party of the corpostate is the Democrats. They are assaulting the perfect fractal of human civilization, they are assaulting total free speech and seeking to disarm their fellow citizens, and they are calling into question the very justification for the existence of this country.

Their reasons and ideologies may be legion, but the effect is unitary: the corpostate becomes richer and more powerful and we become poorer and less powerful, less free.