Back to our founding, the rise of localism– Call to revitallize the role and power of local government to check the Constitutional assaults by States and the Fed-

Worst than Jeremiah Wright?  The Bell problem for Obama– Derrick Bell may be more of a hater than Jeremiah Wright, and more closely connected to the regulation king-

Race Hate progressive style is a’ok according to MSM– Andrea Mitchell gives anti-semite Derrick Bell a pass, because, after all, he’s the right kind of racist-

PBS’ Bell problem– PBS denies the importance of the now-shown hug between Obama and anti-semite Derrick Bell-

The NPR math- dozens over thousands, if they are the right (LEFT) dozens– NPR focuses on progressive dozens protesting Rubio but ignores thousands of Christians championing Life over the murder of the unborn


Local Power Restored

National Elections not solutions- local Constitutional accountability is- source-

Skip Murphy of Granite Grok, one of our favorite locally-focused conservative news blogs in America, wrote an article near and dear to our hearts here at Newstweeters- In it, he quoted from our Editor in Chief, William Collier, who has been making a call to challenge what he callls the Politicocracy. That challenge is this- Damn the National elections- win or lose, nothing willl significantly change in America until we raise up our local governments to do the work they once did, to pledge their allegiance first and foremost to the Constitution itself, to ween itself off of the unholy mother’s milk of state and federal funds, to, in short, be the model of individual freedom, liberty, self-empowerment, personal responsibility and reiliablity that define the values of our Constitutional Rule of Law. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here:

The Hug That Felled Obama? The Harvard Ripple

Obama’s New Jeremiah Wright- Derrick Bell- commentary and videos

Obama sat through Jeremiah Bell sermons unaware of the hate this racist man spewed from the pulpit, a devout socialist who sought to infiltrate the ranks of the godly and lead them away from truth and towards the idolartry of the progressive collectivist man-god. Now, as Reagan might say…there you go again… Continue reading → Read more at

It’s ok to hate Jews if you”re a prog-  Derrick Bell and the MSM love-fest

MSM defends racialist Derrick Bell as not being ‘radical’- source-

Andrea Mitchell, being the de facto representative of the overall MSM narrative on the racialist and anti-semite Derrick Bell, the college professor Barack Hussein Obama is seen to be embracing in word and deed in the now infamous 1991 Harvard Video. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here

The Ostrich that is PBS- Don’t look at Derrick Bell- nothing to see here

PBS hides behind false claim they ran same Obama-Bell video in 2008- source-

PBS is trying to preserve its tenuous hold on journalistic credibility and integrity in the wake of the FULL VERSION of the now famous Harvard Video showing Barack Hussein Obama embracing, with his words and with his arms, the radical anti-semite Derrick Bell. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here

Ten Progs worth more than Ten Thousand Christians according to NPR standards

NPR highlights tens of Rubio protesters, ignores thousands of Pro-Life ralliers- tweet- @Mr_Lexington

NPR (National Progressive Radio), that bastion of progressive hate and propaganda, is at it again, this time, highlighting a handful of progressive trolls protesting Marco Rubio on the grounds he is not Latin enough (he has to choose between the tea party and his latin heritigage). Continue reading → Read more at Click Here