Progressives inch closer to Civil War – The progressive actions to manipulate advertisers, from without and from within, to stop airing ads on conservative talk radio shows is inching this nation towards ever more clearly defined, unbreachable lines between the progressive godless idealogues and the Freedomists of Liberty- will this nation careen towards Civil War within the next 20 years?-

Egypt’s Sinai demands- While playing the role of mediator in the Israel-Hamas dispute, Egypt has thrown their own demand into the mix- give us back the Sinai- the ever-increasingly Muslim Brotherhood ruled nation seems as if it is preparing to go to war with Israel-

The cross that got her fired- A woman wearing a cross to work in England is fired, and the courts ok the move-

The progressive doctrine of death defended at all cost- The progressive case for abortion reveals its ungodly principles on human life, that all life is only valuable insofar at is viable, economical, and benefits the whole-

Prog Buddhist Lesbian gets Priest suspended– How a progressive, Buddhist Lesbian got the Catholic Church to acquiesece to her godless demands and suspend a priest for refusing to offer communion to someone who is openly against Christ Himself


Progs step up Civil War brinksmanship with advertiser ban

Progressives Laud Advertiser Ban on Conservative voice- watching-

Media Matters and their progressive operatives are joyfully celebrating the advertiser exodus from conservative talk radio, but fail to see the danger of their actions and the actions of these now out-in-the-open progressively managed companies. Now that progressives have established, through the manipulation of the corporate entities that are part of the progressive alliance, that the totality of our lives are now colored in politics, Americans can begin to count the progressive companies and the conservative companies and take their dollars only to the companies that refuse to represent the tyranny and fascism of progressivism, that seeks to silence the opposition ‘by any means necessary’ Continue reading →


Egypt demands Sinai

Mediator breaks talks with Hamas and Israel over demands for Sinai- source-

When going into negotiations with another party, be reminded by the example unfolding in the Israel-Hamas negotiations, make sure the mediator doesn’t have demands it wants to make on you- in this case, Egypt, the so-called mediator of these talks between Israel and Hamas, has stopped the negotiating process not because of an objection by either Israel or Hamas, but because it wants the Sinai Penninsula returned to it Continue reading →


Have Cross, no work- England’s Religious Intolerance

UK makes it crime to wear cross at work- source-

British Christians are fighting for the right to simply wear the cross, the symbol of Christ’s sacrifice, to work- a British judge recently ruled since he deemed the wearing of a cross ‘not essential’ to the person’s faith, that a company could ban the cross being worn- While America is not quite as far along in its godless attempt to ‘fundamentally transform America’ in the image of the progressive god of the collectivist man, the attacks on Christian and religious freedom in Britain foreshadow what is to come if Barack Hussein Obama and the other progressive worshippers of the collectivist man-god have their way Continue reading →


If it ain’t viable, economical- kill it- progressive logic

Progressives justifying murder of unborn on grounds of ‘efficiency’- watching- @trayNTP

This progressive tweet referrs to people who are agains the murder of the unborn and cite concerns for women being able to plan their careers as a justification for the murder of the unborn- Using statistics from third world countries where women are far more at risk of health risks during birth, and actually claiming that allowing the murder of the unborn will save the unborn from murder, the progressives will stoop to any ends to protect this crucial culture of death policy Continue reading →


Lesbian has way with Priest- with Church assist

Militant Lesbian operative gets Priest suspended over Communion refusal- source-

Barbara Johnson knew full well what she was doing and went in knowing the priest would have to refuse her communion, shamelessly using the death of her mother to launch yet another assault against Christ himself, the true target of her hate and militiant attacks on the priest, who simply met his godly duties, and for that, the weak dioscese that ostensibly represents the Catholic Church cowered in the face of deviancy, choosing the will of the godless over the will of God. Continue reading →