Top 3 Most Popular Posts from 05/26/2010


/2010/05/26/obamas-presidential-daily-tracking-poll-numbers-sink…478 views

Obama’s Presidential Daily Tracking Poll numbers sinking fast- Obama News

43% approval against 55% disapproval spells downward spiral of Obama


/2010/05/26/what-does-make-disciples-of-all-nations-really-mean-…673 views

What does “Make Disciples of All Nations” really mean?- Editorial- Christian News

Taking the phrase ‘make disciples of all nations’ in its full context


/2010/05/26/jobgate-did-he-or-didnt-he-offer-sestak-a-job-obama-…697 views

Jobgate- Did He or didn’t He offer Sestak a Job? Obama needs to answer- Obama Watch

The Sestak Job Offer questions refuses to go away. runs indepth analysis of the unfolding story.