By Bill Collier- The words “freedom” and politics seem interwined. If I speak to someone about freedom they may say, “I don’t want to talk about politics.” But is this really the proper response?

Freedom, when we break it down, includes “free” and “dom”, the domain of the free or the dominion of the free. A Freedomist is one who believes the free should basically be in dominion. Once you see this, it becomes easy to spot every bad idea by unfree people who promise results at the expense of your free dominion.

What is politics? In short, and broadly speaking, politics is rooted in the old Polis, it is the public life or public sector. And since just past the stone age human civilization has always tended toward some concept and practice of the public life, we might assume it is somewhat useful to human welfare and progress. This is debatable by some, but what it true is that some aspects of our lives with human civilization have for thousands of years involved some form of public life.

What is public life?

In terms of ownership, if we think of it from that perspective, it includes things that are not owned by any single private person. But in the past, under monarchy, a lot of what we consider public now was considered the monarch’s private property. In reality, the monarch’s private property tended to mostly serve a public good, their parks and roads were often used by the general population but maintained at royal expense.

In terms of power, if we consider public life we tend to see that control over resources and rules goes to some form of government system or structure, be be royal or democratic. The individual and their private associations or enterprises doesn’t have much say or power in comparison, at least not in those spaces considered public.

Now, let’s return to the domain or dominion of the free. What is in that space?

What is in that space is everything that is owned and ruled solely on the basis of some form of private ownership or shared ownership in total freewill association. Unlike the public space, which you cannot easily choose or control, the free domain is totally up to you whether or not to enter and how to rule it.

The idea that freedom is interwined with politics is, to me, absurd. It misses the point. Freedom is everything that isn’t public life and too much public life creates an imbalance and tends toward a loss of freedom and a corresponding loss of humanity. While it may be argued some public life is essential to human prosperity and progress, the truth is that private life was the primary life known to humanity until after the stone age.

Basically, the free domain is essential to our humanity and public life may have value but we seem to be able to survive without it or with very little of it. When the free domain shrinks too much we lose our humanity and dignity, we stop moving forward, and we even lose our wealth and prosperity.

The petty and surface arguments of those who imagine a world where public life is supreme and private life is severely limited are smoke and mirrors. They conceal the true issue and cover up the true flaws behind their nature: the nature of all these collectivist policies and programs is to reduce the free domain of private life to a shadow of what it needs to be.

Freedom isn’t political. It is depolitization of as much of our lives as possible. When you either vote for or refuse to vote against public life supremacists, you ensure that more and more of what you thought was and should be private and controlled by you will become public and controlled by others.

Looking at the photo below, we see protestors are often riled up by the press and financial backers to essentially demand less freedom and more utopian promises. These seductive promises are like a drug that initially gives you euphoria and then becomes a life-controlling and costly addiction.

To march toward freedom is less about politics, though it does include the need to engage the public powers, and is more about building your own robust private life and private free associations with people of like convictions and values. Freedom is a process of seizing your own agency as a spiritually sovereign human being created in the image of your Creator!

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