Former Congressman Renzi Receives Presidential Pardon

Former Congressman Rick Renzi (R-AZ) released the following statement after being granted a Presidential Pardon from President Trump.

“After almost fourteen years of fighting for my innocence, it took a real man of action and courage in President Trump to finally relieve me of the horrific deceit of being wrongly convicted by a Department of Justice that engaged in witness tampering, illegal wiretapping, and gross prosecutorial misconduct.

“Because I refused to plead guilty to a crime I did not commit, a prosecutor even resorted to suborning perjury in order to secure a fraudulent conviction.

“I went to prison and was wrongfully incarcerated rather than cower and plead to the DOJ fabricated narrative that I was guilty.

“Today, President Trump has recognized the extent of the DOJ corruption in my case and for this, I will remain forever grateful.

“It is a fact, verified by court sanctions during a pretrial hearing, that the FBI knowingly and illegally recorded 41 attorney-client privileged phone calls and then deliberately lied to the court to cover up their corrupt actions.

“It is a fact, verified by court sanctions during a post-trial misconduct hearing, that the FBI offered money through a payoff scheme to manipulate the key witness in my case while this witness was going through bankruptcy. The prosecution then deliberately sponsored this lie to the jury and hid this scheme from my attorneys and the court.

“It is a fact, revealed during a post-trial misconduct hearing, that the lead FBI agent, who was later removed from my case, deliberately concealed and withheld exculpatory evidence which would have undermined their criminal case, information that would have revealed my innocence.

“And, it is a fact that the DOJ stole documents from my Congressional office only to have even Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then Minority Leader John Boehner file a motion for dismissal based upon the overwhelming amount of prosecutorial misconduct in my case.

“The factual findings, and three separate sanctions by the Court against the Department of Justice officials, clearly established that the government deliberately and with foreknowledge repeatedly engaged in corrupt and illegal acts during the investigation and prosecution of my case, proving irrefutably that my trial was fundamentally unfair, and that my convictions were fraudulently obtained and are without merit.

“My attorneys filed an official 190-page Inspector General complaint with the Department of Justice, which was quietly swept under the rug. Yet this complaint resurfaced and became the cornerstone of veracity and substance to justify this pardon.

“It took this President, a true leader of change and backbone to act on my behalf. Thank God for President Trump.”