There is a narrative emerging from the Establishment GOP, and even among those who wittingly or unwittingly support them.  The narrative is this- if we let Obamacare run its course, people will suffer as a result of Obamacare being implemented, making the 2014 election a great opportunity for the GOP to reclaim lost ground.

defund obamacare

The problems with that narrative are two-fold-

1.  If Obamacare is implemented and there are issues with Obamacare, the MSM, whom the Establishment GOP and their supporters seem to fear more than voters, will create a progressive-supporting narrative that the reason for Obamacare’s failures comes from the efforts by the racist, rich conservatives who will do anything to stop this nation from benefiting from the Utopian benefits of the President’s great plan.

2.  If the GOP does not stand up and decisively shut down the individual mandate funding of Obamacare, a victory in 2014 will not result in the reversal of Obamacare.  Rather, it will guarantee 3 more years for Obamacare to grow and entangle itself in the American economy and Americans’ lives, creating dependencies that will further aid the progressive statists in 2016.

If the MSM is so powerful that it can control the voters, then the GOP has already lost.  If they have already lost, then, why not go down fighting?  Why not, at least, halt this illegal statist monstrosity known as Obamacare?

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