If you fear election results, your government has too much say in your life. It’s really that simple.

On one hand, you may fear what government will do to limit or restrict your life and potentially over-tax and over-regulate the economy downward. On the other hand, you may depend on or hope for government to pay for your health care or provide you a social safety net and fear the other side will turn off the funding.

It is one thing when sports fans get riled about their teams, but when tribal attitides infect politics the playing is for keeps and, often, the only people who benefit are the billionaire backers, the political class, the punditry class, and the bureaucracy. The wild and growing expanse of government, with a blurring of the line between corporations and the state, begins to strangle the creative, moral, sociocultural, and economic life of the people. Slowly, the only thing that matters is politics and yet politics is really controlled by fewer and fewer shot-callers in the shadows.

This is the politocracy of the corpostate and its final destination, should it not bankrupt itself before it gets there, is some form of absolute authoritarianism. You become alarmed at the state of things and at every election cycle your life passes before your eyes, you wonder if this is truly the final step over the line into some abyss.

It is in “finding gaps for freedom” that we see a path not limited to the “choices” our mostly ill-informed and easily manipulated fellow citizens might make. This is a path beyond the limitations of mere electioneering, it is a path you can take into your own hands to remove as much of your life as possible from the very view of the corpostate politocracy.

Even if your side wins, in that excitement you may forget that neither side has permanently reversed the expansion of the corpostate monopoly over our lives, property, and fortunes. The need to develop and exploit your own gaps for freedom and to remove as much of your life as possible from the very notice of this sprawling beast of corruption cannot ever be forgotten.

Too often we fall for the trap of allowing ourselves to focus on elections as the means of our liberation from the forces of injustice or authoritarianism or whatever we fear. Ideas that cannot be practiced by individuals and on a voluntary basis by people who freely connect and associate together are not only useless, they are likely also dangerous.

Too many of the ideas motivating voters of all factions and parties are the kind that require and demand obedience at the hand of the state or through corporate monopolies punishing those who stray from the approved ways. The blurring of the line between a law and a “community standard”, between the state using police and the corporate monopolies threatening to deplatform malcontents, is what we call the corpostate. It is a monstrosity that ever seeks ways to constrict, control, and exploit you like you were a farm animal to be ridden to death and then consumed.

The ping-pong between the parties and factions never truly reaches into or limits the power and control of this hybrid beast of corporation and state hegemony over our lives. But the truth is we are not limited as much as we think and much of the power of this roaring beast is based only on a fiction we ourselves support.

There are more gaps for freedom than you can imagine, but it takes a pioneering spirit of adventure coupled with discipline and a willingness to endure privation to truly have and experience real freedom from the daily control of this archaic corpostate. To literally change your lifesfyle is an act that is most inconvenient at first, until it becomes a habit and until you find connections for mutual support with fellow travelers.

The ability to find gaps for freedom is within you and lies among your friends and family who you already know have the same hunger. You just have to become intentional and deliberative about this process, you have to want it and be willing to put your money and time into action for your own liberation!

Liberation is real, it is possible, and it is necessary right now!

It is true, fearing election results proves that government is too big. But the path to reduce the “bigness” of government in your life is not merely through elections!

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