Bill Collier- Reading the social media posts of most people left of center, it is clear they view the world in a black and white way in which whoever isn’t for them is an enemy and a criminal. The depiction of any opposition as somehow inciting violence or a coup is not unlike any fascist, communist, or other totalitarian movement.

Events in DC, where a bunch of rowdie fools swarmed into the Capitol, thanks to a poor security plan, have become a virtual Reichstag Fire excuse of Democrats criminalizing 75 plus million Americans. And now the platforms have joined the great purge to make sure everyone knows: to access the communication platforms that over 80% of all Americans must use you must become a robotic applauder of the Democrats. Unity is surrender, peace is total submission. If you do not agree, you surely must be a terrorist or coup plotter.

This isn’t censorship, this is full-fledged persecution. This is making people’s lives a living hell for no greater crime than dissent from the Democratic Party and its cancel America agenda.

Don’t try to reason with the Fascists. They cannot be reasoned with. Their mindless followers are incited by a ceaseless drumbeat of hyperbole and slanderous propaganda. They sense that now they will see the final vanquishing of all their opponents, who are nothing more than criminals anyway.

As one opined, “we don’t negotiate with terrorists”, and he defined terrorists as all Trump supporters. This makes a bloody hash of the Bill of Rights and is factually untrue.

The real question is, “does this mad sentiment, allowed on social media while conservatives are being purged, reflect the agenda of the Democratic Party?”

We shall see. We hope that President-Elect Biden isn’t of that ilk, although he has virtually called two Republicans Nazis, with all the hate and bitterness that term implies. (He compared them to Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda for daring to question election results.)

The Democrats have literally become fascists. They embrace a weird mix of crony capitalism and crony socialism, reckless demonizing of their opponents and half the country, and the utilization of every corporate and governmental means they have to punish their enemies. Everywhere they have power, they weaponize it for purely partisan ends, and this includes the platforms, the press, and the bureaucrats.

Simply saying you don’t trust election results or declaring your opposition to the Democrats or their program is equal now to planning a coup or doing violence. This is like the protest sign saying “silence is violence”, implying that if you don’t give full-throated support to them, then you have committed and act of violence, a crime.

A bloody hammer and sickle seems the logical end-game here, even if we are convinced they will soon hit a wall of resistance that will surprise and confuse them. These 75 million or so people they want to cancel from American life, as they cancel America itself, aren’t likely to just go away and shut up.

Eventually, we can predict, things will settle down. Biden will realize that if this rancid rhetoric isn’t toned down he won’t have a united country to govern. Republicans control 2500 of the 3060 counties on this country, they have their own base of power. If and when they want to start weaponzing their own power base, using our wonderful federalism, there aren’t enough jackbooted thugs to do anything about it.

Persecution only makes an enemy stronger, especially when your persecution has such a weak foundation of lies and relies on the fictive constructs of platforms who literally depend on users to survive. If these modern neofascists cancel 75 million Americans from the platforms, or enough of them to drive the others away, they will eventually lose revenue.

If perhaps losing 75 million users means nothing to the Fascists running Big Tech, then we have a real monopoly problem here. This is becoming an anti-trust matter states need to take up.

If this great purge happens, these 75 million people will find many new and heretofore unknown ways to connect and communicate through means the fascist Democrats cannot control. The assumption that the present trajectory toward a neofascist corporation-govermmental one-party super state is inevitable doesn’t take into acount the coming backlash.

Most Demcorats, even rank and file, believe that their political opposites are literally Nazi terrorists. Sadly for them, us, and America, this is the worse case of mass delusional self-projection ever seen in human history.

What is coming and what should our response be?

Clearly, listening to the rhetoric of the left, the Demofascist wing of the Democratic Party will push for persecution of dissenters. The establishment may resist this but also may try and appease it with “a little- persecution” of the top figures, starting with Trump and his top aides perhaps or major personalities, who will be duly canceled.

If this happens, the establishment Democrats may think things can settle down, so long as Republicans bow and scrape and apologize for this or that sensationally illegitimate accusation made against them.

But the freedom loving base of the GOP isn’t in the mood to offer any scalps to the Fascists or to conclude a dishonorable peace. They will respond, in some way. It will be through some innovation. We see a new technology that lets people communicate and connect which the platform monopolies cannot touch, as definitely something that is possible.

The states where freedom still reigns, like Texas, will also likely refuse to cooperate with fascist policies if Biden surrenders to his lunatic base. They will also both protect IT structures through laws against political discrimination and they will strip the platforms of any protections: they will pass laws that will hurt the platforms. They will pursue anti-trust measures, allow users to sue for discrimination, require opacity of standards, and other things besides.

Counties all over this land will start becoming Bill of Rights Sanctuaries, cooperation between Federal agencies and local governments will plummet. The fascist laws they pass won’t have much writ outside the dying cities dominated by the Demofascists.

Don’t look for irrational violent reactions from the freedom base of the GOP. The freedom base of the GOP will reign hard over its own demonstrations and events and be careful about lunatics, provocateurs, and infiltrators who want to repeat the insanity of storming the US Capitol building itself.

The many paths to short-circuit and resist the Fascists mean any call to violence will not be tolerated. This isn’t calculated to appease the press or the platforms or the Fascists themselves. It is simply not the freedom way to resort to violence when so many powerful non-violent measures can be taken.

So what should you do?

You should think seriously about the Bill of Rights Sanctuary concept. Subscribe to The Freedomist for upcoming articles on the nuts and bolts of how you can do this, including sample resolutions. Look for alternatives to the platforms. Start asking your social media friends to give you their phone numbers and/or emails so you can stay on touch.

Build off the platforms. Work on your local government becoming a Bill of Rights Sanctuary, and don’t lose heart.

Choose sites like this to support regularly so we/they don’t have to rely on corporate advertising and so we can build our own infrastructure, as in physical servers and hardware, that the Fascists cannot easily shut down.

It could get rough if Biden doesn’t have the courage or ethics to stand up to his own fascist base and tell them to stop their totalitarian ways. But he may not be able to resist at least throwing them a few of our scalps in the hopes this placates his base and cows us into a dishonorable peace.

We don’t want to say Biden will do anything this insane and, frankly, unconstitutional. We tend to think he will moderate his tone and his Party and realize he has to be President of all Americans, regardless of what he thinks of the previous President or his supporters.

But early signs aren’t uplifting. Biden appears willing to go along with the ridiculous and unhinged narrative that a bunch of rogues and ragamuffins breaking through a weak security perimeter into the Capitol constitutes a deliberate coup planned by the White House and the 75 million people who voted for Trump.

All it took was a silly guy with horns on his head getting into the Capitol for the inner facist of the Democratic Party to come roaring to life.