Fairness, accuracy, objectivity, and even deceny are ideals that most journalists have struggled to follow. Until around 20 years ago, however, these ideals were considered desirable. But today’s journalists are mostly driven by a desire to change the world by molding public opinion into their own image for what they consider a good society.

Today’s “journalists” are trained to weaponize the “free press” to wage war on freedom itself, all in service to their core, neomarxist, ideology, by which they hope to “change the world.”

The image most journalists have is one shaped by the likes of Karl Marx, though many would not realize that of you told them as Marx’s ideas have permeated education and thought in ways that make it hard to uncover the source of those ideas. From such “education” modern journalists have become themselves brainwashed subconsciously into being little propaganda champions for what is essentially a totalitarian agenda.

Today’s “news” is mundane facts and actual news but all poisoned with relentless doses of disinformation meant to move people against Republicans and for Democrats. It’s that simple. What they report and how, or what they make up, and what facts they edit out or never even see, are all part of a partisan brew meant to win elections for the Democrats and to support neo-progressives (Bush 1 and 2, Romney, and McCain) as Republican candidates.

Ask an average journalist if they support dictatorship and they will vehemently deny it. Ask them if they support a ban on hate speech and they’ll say they are. Ask them if they average Republican uses hate and they will agree. That’s the logic train: they support a ban on hate speech and then they define hate speech as pretty much whatever ideas they don’t agree with.

Such people aren’t journalists. They are champions of disinformation, they are partisan “political actors.”

Nobody is totally objective. But there is a world of difference between someone who tries to be objective and doesn’t think they have all the answers and someone who is convinced that their subjective and partisan opinion is itself “objective” and irrefutable truth that only “bad people” disagree with them. That is today’s “press”, totally buying their own propaganda that only their narrow, partisan, “truth” is within the bounds of tolerable “speech” and all is, well, untruthful or hateful and dwarves, REQUIRES, some form of moderation or official or unofficial censure.

Instead of being considered journalists we must treat them as politicians or as political activists whose end-goal is a world on which their Party, the Democrats, has freedom to act and speak, but nobody else does. We must consider them to be and treat them all as political partisans and as much fair game for public shaming as we would any politician. Their history and associations and everything about them is public and should be investigated and exposed to the world.

Today’s journalists seek to bully average people and destroy them, using their massive platform, all to advance one Party, the Democrats, and their increasingly authoritarian ways. We should investigate them, expose them, and confront them just as we would any politician.

In short, we should opposition research, expose, and confront modern political hacks masquerading as journalists just as we do the politicians they cover and support. Modern journalism must wage relentless information war against the fraudulent fake journalists who are using the cover of being the press to assault the free speech of their fellow citizens.

In short, every journalist spouting political propaganda in support of authoritarianism is fair game in the political fight, is of the same status as a politician.

What can we do about it?

We can fight back in the samd way they attack us. We can investigate them, their public record and associations, their proven lies, and the heart of their ideas and proposals. We can create content meant to detail their betrayal of journalism and meant to create a public backlash against them and their employers. We can cancel them as they seek to cancel us.

The Freedomist, with your support, wants to investigate, expose, and confront the fraudulent fake journalists and try them in the court of public opinion.

Unlike most “opposition press” who are trying to defeat the war on freedom, we will not give a fake journalist any safe haven or immunity. By entering the political fray as a partisan, they earn our contempt and are a fair target for exposure and confrontation through relentless information campaigns aimed at defeating them.

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