Bill Collier Jr., Publisher- I don’t wear a mask to show that I care, I wear one because I have a cough and I do care.

People who shame others to wear a mask deserve to be shunned!

THE TRUTH is that, unless you are in a heavy breakout area, the chances of an unmasked person who is not actively sick getting YOU sick are almost NIL. There is growing evidence, look it up, that people who are sick but don’t have symptoms have a .01% (1 in 10,000) chance of getting you sick. The virus isn’t active enough or at such a volume that it is contagious. People can debate this, the science isn’t settled.

Nonetheless, I think that masking the world, and all the breathing problems that entails, instead of just actually sick people with symptoms, is a form of mass abuse.

To allegedly “save just one person” millions of people with breathing issues are either being masked and put at risk or shunned and shamed to such a degree that it is either causing mental problems or keeping them from getting their necessities!!!

This is especially true if you decide to keep a distance from them. The risk versus burden is unbalanced here: the burden demanded isn’t warranted by the actual risk.

And the “if it only saves one life” trite is sophomoric dribble! That argument can justify almost anything and remove any need for proof or accountability. It’s a garbage argument and if you use it, I’m leaning more and more toward shunning you as you seek to unjustly shun others.