If you take the “typical” American of statistical probability, you have someone who identifies themselves as Christian by religion, you have someone who believes in marriage between a man and a woman, you have someone who wants limited government and respect for ALL of the Bill of Rights. For this average American, the news on every front is alarming.

Islamic terrorism, including such lone wolf attacks as Fort Hood, in Ottawa, and recently the hatchet attack in New York City, continues even as the current US Administration refuses to even call these attacks terrorism, let alone Islamic terrorism. This is emboldening the enemy, many fear, and will only lead to more recruiting and more attacks.

The government’s handling of Ebola is stunningly inept, some accuse, and they point to the latest Ebola case, again in New York City, which clearly demonstrated that the alleged “screening process” meant to prevent Ebola from getting into the US is perfectly useless. Meanwhile, national officials, including an Ebola “czar” whose only experience is in the art of political spin and campaigns, have been silent while refusing to countenance a popular travel ban from affected countries.

In Houston, the first “openly gay mayor” is trying to intimidate area churches, demanding that they submit sermons which may have mention her or gay issues or her ordinance which allows males who say they are “transgender” to enter into and use female bathrooms in public places. This ordinance is opposed by many, and despite petitions, which the “gay mayor” tossed for allegedly spurious reasons, the city refuses to allow a popular vote on the issue. What is worse for some, this openly gay mayor, whose radical anti-heterosexual agenda seems to be coming through clearly, attends the church of Joel Osteen, a TV preacher who has become controversial among some Christians.

The so-called “gay agenda” has pretty much taken Americans by surprise as “tolerance” for individual choice has become a reason to persecute Christians who refuse to PARTICIPATE in a “gay wedding ceremony.” Indeed, gay couples have deliberately targeted Christian business in an attempt to either force them to violate their religious convictions or force them out of business. Many Americans fear that this deliberate attempt to force Christians out of public life and the marketplace is a precursor to using the banner of gay rights to launch a national campaign of persecution meant to silence Christians or jail them.

The illegal immigration issue is alarming many. Open borders are feared as allowing terrorism or disease in, and among many conservatives the fear is that Democrats will use illegal aliens for massive voter fraud meant to prevent fair and free elections. Giving over 30 million illegals the vote, which many believe is the goal, means foreigners who have no love for or connection to America’s heritage of freedom will vote en bloc for the Democrats whose ultra-leftist, socialist ideology is feared would end democracy and freedom in America.

And now comes attacks on both the 1st and 2nd amendment. Efforts to define a “journalist” as only someone who works for a “major” news organization, which organizations are ideologically hard left, are seen as undermining a free and unregulated press. Efforts by the government to ties up the market for ammunition and through regulating “lead bullets” to dramatically increase costs and reduce supply are seen by many as “backdoor gun control.” In some states, including New York, Connecticut, and Colorado, the so-called “gun grabbers” have virtually transformed millions of American gun owners into criminals.

On the abortion front, the Democrats have managed, despite promises, to get federal funds for abortion and now in California, the state has deemed that all insurance plans, including those subsidized by government or paid for by religious organizations, MUST cover abortion procedures.

Now comes the “race card”, a card that is constantly pulled, which many believe is demeaning to white people, who are vilified just for being white, while encouraging anti-white hate as we see in the “knockout game” where blacks attack white people randomly and knock them out, and the endless and irrational “Ferguson protestors” who seem to believe “justice” is what the mob wants, regardless of evidence, who seem to believe “if you’re white, you’re guilty.” This racialism is setting back racial relations many decades as white supremacists and other neo-nazi groups use the anti-white hate to recruit angry whites.

Then we have the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and Fast and Furious, all of which undermine confidence in the integrity, wisdom, and basic of fairness of the government. Couple that with NSA surveillance concerns and it is no wonder so many are feeling doom and gloom.

In the economy, we see a “low unemployment rate” artificially bolstered by a massive drop-out rate of workers who give up on the economy, a huge surge in disability and welfare recipients who have left the work-force, a massive invasion of foreign workers, and the replacement of good jobs with low paying jobs. Real income per capita has decreased and the gap between rich and poor has increased.

While it may be fashionable to blame the Democrats and the President for all of this, the opposition Party has done little more than complain, oppose, and avoid taking positive stands by annunciating a clear alternative vision. On social issues, the political class say avoid them, even though Democrats focus on “social issues”, often by demonizing Christians and Christian values, which they only resort to justify wealth redistribution because “Jesus cared for the poor”, as if Jesus was speaking to Caesar, and not to individuals, when He gave such admonitions.

But what of the left?

For them, they see little real action, beyond promises, on immigration reform- they believe these people were allowed to come here and they deserve a chance at citizenship and only racism is hindering things.

Then there is climate change and the environment- despite promises, the amoung of CO2 produced by the US has decreased, pollution has not decreased, and there is no clear and consistent message coming from leaders about the dangers of climate change.

As for racism, while the right fear anti-white racism, the left point out that the actual conditions and circumstaces suffered by minorities, especially in inner cities, are far worse than the aggravation felt when whites are told they are racist just because they are white. White people still enjoy dominance and do not face nearly the problems and prejudices that blacks and hispanics must endure daily. Look at every indicator and you can see, life for the black man and hispanics is as rough as ever.

Consider all these scandals against the President. Everything that happens in government is somehow his fault and people put the worse possible spin on everthing, always assuming the worse about the President. The man cannot get a break. For instance, if he had shut down travel for Ebola one could see the Republicans accusing him of abusing executive authority, and by not shutting it down, he is attacked for being indecisive. Why doesn’t Obama work with the GOP on Capital Hill? The answer is: would YOU work with such unreasonable and reactionary people whose only answer is “no”?

On the issue of guns, the rate of gun violence is disconcerting. How can such an “advanced” society as ours allow civilians to have such hardware? Some sensible controls and regulations that make it harder to nutjobs to become armed and that move us away from a “gun culture” seem far more civilized, but nobody wants to do anything about this because of the NRA.

Look at the economy, look at how even Democrats are beholden to the bankers, look at how wealth is being concretrated at the top. You complain about “wealth redistribution”? Why not start with how wealth is produced at the bottom and yet concentrated at the top?

It is true that the response to Ebola has been botched, but is this not at least partially the result of Republican cuts to the CDC budget? If our health is so important, why would the GOP under-fund the CDC, and why did the Democrats agree to it?

Whatever you think of the Ferguson protestors and Darren Wilson’s guilt or innocence, can you not see how too many people get abused by police just because they are a minority? The brutality or the police should be, it is argued, obvious and people, especially black people who suffer it the most, are fed up. They want the killing to stop. But protests happen, politicians pontificate, and the killing continues.

For every “outrage” felt by the left, there is one felt by the right. And it would seem, whatever one’s political view, nobody is truly happy or optimistic about the future in America. The doom and gloom felt by many is truly, and dangerously, bipartisan. Almost everyone loathes the government, doesn’t trust the media, and feels that the “other side” are just plain evil.

Nobody can say what it will take to end America’s blu funk, if either side “wins” everything they want, that only outrages the other side and it seems there is no in-between or common ground. The center is not holding.

This is the state of affairs, and nobody has proposed an answer that would satisfy both the left and the right: the middle is disappearing.