Walmart has announced that they are banning donations to any Republicans who objected to the election results in the 2020 election. This is of course part of a false narrative that somehow objecting to election results equals a coup, that Trump incited a riot, and that all Republicans bear responsibility for the actions of an unruly mob.

The hypocrisy of Walmart in this case is disgusting, Democrats fomented and actively called for riots and violence, and even funded it. But, worse, after 2016, Democrats rioted and looted and burned, in DC, while even the likes of Nancy Pelosi questioned the election results and presented false conspiracy theories about “Russian meddling” and “collusion” for 3 years afterward.

The question to Walmart we need to ask is, “do you plan on banning donations to Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Maxime Waters who openly called for violence and disputed the election results in 2016 and do you plan on pulling ads from CNN which, in 2016, questioned the election results and whose hosts continue to enflame the left with their hateful rhetoric or is Walmart now a company that only wants Democrats as customers?”

We’re not calling for a boycott, although you might want to know that your money will be spent to help Democrats and hurt Republicans, because Walmart appears to have chosen a side trough this blatant double-standard.  We should all know, Walmart is now an extension of only ONE political party and doesn’t care about YOU unless you are a Democrat.

This is more of a reputation crisis for this major retailer than anything else. In the long-run, Americans who aren’t stark-raving leftist loons will see Walmart as unfriendly and will naturally seek ways to avoid using a retailer who chooses sides. This will also affect investments and tend to make people less friendly to Walmart being in their community. They will be seen more and more as a leftist outpost, not a member of the community.

Use the link below and send a CIVIL and CORDIAL inquiry to the media relations people to see what they will say in response to this inquiry.