The title is not clickbait, for I will deliver to you the secret to ending the threat of all tyrants through all times.  I won’t even tease you, I’ll lead with the answer.

The answer to ending all tyranny is the emergence of the broken, self-reliant humans who have always been the greatest threat to tyranny throughout human history.  Now, let me explain, in part, why I came to that conclusion and why you should to.

The ideological battles being raged in America have nothing to do with reality whatsoever, nor are they a reflection of any authentic, or even inauthentic, pursuit of understanding being tested by contrasting views.  The battles are between the broken and the super, with the vast majority of humanity swaying to wherever they sense ‘win.’

History is not a conversation, it’s a bloodsport.

The dialectical patterns emerge, such as they are, predictably, but not precisely, and not in neat flows such as an Hegelian might suggest (Hegel never actually used these terms, but described them nonetheless, so the terms still fit what Hegel described, such as one can understand Hegel).

Thesis.  Antithesis.  Synthesis.

The dialectical rarely resolves to synthesis, rather, a synthetic proposition largely resolves in two ways- 1.  It inherits significant fundamental structures, especially authoritarian-supporting structures, from the previous state which are essential to its own perpetuation.

  1. It will eventually be reabsorbed by what was, nudging mostly minor, some major (sometimes no major) novel structures injected into the state pattern this revolution was purporting to reject.

The real patterns of history have nothing whatsoever to do with the ideas these histories ostensibly represent, through the religions and philosophies and customs of the various civilizations and peoples and nations that have existed throughout our human journey.  All of these beliefs, religions, etc, have multiplicities of paternal variation to choose from, and even kill each other over.

The real patterns of history involve the capacity of individuals to consolidate resources using physiological power as their means of eliminating competition.  These individuals compete with themselves and with others who seek no such personal consolidations of power (more on them later).

These wielders of monopolies of violence, as some have referred to this ‘quality’ or capacity, rely first and foremost on Hope, Fear, Love, and Hate.

They rely on the bullhorns to transmit the right message on Hope, Fear, Love, and hate.  They rely on certainty, for uncertainty does not mesmerize a passive ear, and it is the mesmerizing wherein their power lies.

To mesmerize, or, perhaps, to guile, is to take the individual into the narrative completely and wholly, so that the totality of their apex existentiality, their pursuit of walking in the is, was, and always will be of peak existentiality, is existentially vicariously tied to the fate of the Beguiler, the one casting the mesmerizing spell of Hope, Fear, Love, and Hate.

The deeper one’s apex existentiality is vicariously existentially entangled with the beguiler, the less effective potential perceptions of ‘reality’ that contradict the certain claims of the beguiler will reach the person’s observational self, where apex existential presuppositions are most vulnerable to being challenged.

To borrow a phrase from John Vervaeke, the self enters into perception through a process he calls “Relevance Realization,” that which enables the self’s perception to grab onto meaningful space to enter into.  What Vervaeke doesn’t recognize, yet (I think he’s headed in that direction), is that the root of the relevance realization potentiality in the first place (or, to phrase it plainly, what makes a thing relevant in the first place) is the apex existential pursuit of the self.

The self is looking to enter into patterns of potential apex existential expansion.  I call these patterns “Vehicles of Power.”  All belief, and even all non-belief (atheists, this means ALL OF YOU), all philosophies, all custom patterns of action are vehicles of power, potential hindrances or amplifiers of our apex existential pursuits.

History is the story of two sets of ‘species’ of human –

  1. human beings competing in the pursuit of directly becoming or vicariously becoming the certain apex existential in the here and now
  2. human beings pursuing uncertainly an understanding of the apex existential in the here and now.

In between these two groups are the vast majority of humans who largely sway with the power, and nothing more, having, on the main, significantly minimal time to survey beyond the now the full what is of the world they find themselves struggling to live in, let alone ponder in.

The balance of power between the two human species, the super humans of the Nietzschian strain versus the broken but self-reliant humans, people who are aware of their limitations and their need for others to sustain the lifestyles they choose to live, is what largely defines the size of the states the superhumans can sustain.  The more numerous and powerful the broken and self-reliant, the less centralized and controlling will be the state, always the personal vehicle of power of the super humans that possess it.

The difference between the two can be seen more in the way they speak than any of the theories or the dreams they espouse.  For instance, the super humans have a list of humans who must die before glory can come.   Broken humans have no such lists, fully understanding we are all ‘worthy’ of being on such proscription lists, and therefore none are ‘worthy’ of being on such proscription lists.

Super humans rise to power claiming certainty.  It is one of the major differences between super humans and broken humans.  Super humans have a lot of certainty claims.  They claim they know the nature of the enemy, beyond a shadow of a doubt.  They claim they have the science, the morality, the religion, the philosophy, and no one else does, and anyone else outside these beliefs is outside the very family of humanity itself.

Broken humans have experienced their own minds lying to them.  It’s one of the prerequisites to brokenness, an awareness of the limitations of your own eyewitness testimony.  That awareness alone always leaves you to hesitate before you declare too confidently you have certainty, and thus, you are not so inclined to want to exclude humans based on belief alone from the family of humanity, lest you yourself be found wanting.

Broken humans are the ones that fundamentally check the power of the super humans, not through wars or revolutions, but through being, simply being, but being in a self-sustaining, self-reliant state.

Revolutions do not produce revolutionary change.  They re-frame the moral justification of the continued application of violence to protect certain vehicles of power from competition.

Most humans have languages that reflect both the super and the broken, as most humans, as outlined above, are followers of the ‘win’ more than stewards of personal understanding and preference.  They are in this state because we would all be in this state if we were among them in terms of having to commit so much of our physical and mental force into merely living on the planet in the first place (which is where the vast majority of humans have been throughout history and still are to this day).

Where the people of the land are broken but can farm and make factories without need of the corporation or the state, the super human fears their power and will pragmatically retreat, only to immediately plot their return to the assent.

The United States of America in the late 1700s was just such a place, and it is why we inherited King Bill, the Bill of Rights, the Super human with an accountable body, the words of these rights, from one to ten.

This superhuman does not die so long as he lives in the hearts of the broken humans, the ones who are broken but can self-sustain, as individuals, as families, as friends, as neighbors, as communities.

History is littered with the blood of super humans who thrive in times when technology, geography, and climate converge to tilt the balance of physiological power to the offensive over the defensive.

Defensive.  This is the state of being self-sustaining, of being able to effectively say no in a way that the ones coercing would pay too high a price to continue with their enterprise.

When defensive advantage rises, the states break down into smaller states or becomes less centralized and invasive of human action, and zones even arise where various forms of quasi-anarchism have taken hold, lasting sometimes as long as 100 years.

These moments, sadly, are not often, as most of human history is littered with the bones of the vast middle of humanity swept up in hate, love, fear, and hope, convinced they were fighting the last fight that would settle the score, that would end the conflict, but alas, the next pattern emerges around the next great manipulator of hearts and violence.

The dialectical of history is between climate, geography, virology, bacteria, and technology as these cross-realities-of-power create opportunities for offensive action, leading to Empires with Priest-Kings, or defensive action, leading to small kingdoms and quasi-anarchist pockets.  There is never a synthesis, only pauses in violence when the broken rise.

We have entered into an age, starting perhaps in 1990, where the balance of technological power is moving, and is now overwhelmingly, decidedly favoring the defensive.  The vast majority of us just don’t know this, not even the broken humans know this, yet, but the check is in the mail, so to speak.

The bill is about to come due.

And that reckoning is the very smart, very capable broken humans of these here lands who, out of necessity, are about to find ways to live good lives without Walmart or DNC Government funding.  They won’t have a choice, as the DNC sets to purge the lands of competition, desperate to prevent we broken from discovering the significant advantage we now have over these vast, unwieldly, mega-scaled structures that folks like the DNC and the CCP rely on to contain the virus that is human freedom from catching on.

Keep reading the Freedomist to track the news and learn of ways to build, right here and now, freedom-empowering tools to enable broken humans to become broken but self-reliant humans, the worst threat to tyrants, no matter their ideology, that ever there could be or ever there was.

CODA: I think Tim Pool might be on the same track, whether he realizes it or not: