Being a Witness of His Kingdom to people who hate you

Paul Gordon Collier


We in the Kingdom of God are going to be tempted to hate the enemy. We in the Kingdom of God are going to be tempted to be afraid of what we see. We in the Kingdom of God will be tempted to keep silent, to protect our businesses, our families, our very freedoms and lives.

Our culture in America is rapidly becoming anti-Christian to such a degree that Christians are now being attacked, physically, socially, and legally by those who have come to accept the new standard in our nation.

Will you stand before the Lions and the cheering crowds and feel anguish for the people cheering your persecution on?

Will you stand before the Lions and the cheering crowds and feel anguish for the people cheering your persecution on?

That new standard is that the very name of Christ equals hate, that anyone who dares to believe Christ is the only way, that the sins defined clearly in the Bible are, in fact sins, is fair game for persecution.
The enemy will continue his work to convince you to hate us, to separate from us, to attack us, steal from us, tell lies about us, fine us, arrest us, imprison us, and, yes, eventually, if the enemy has his way, to kill us.
You will destroy our businesses, take our children from us, mark us as untouchables, applaud when they come to arrest us, and you will do so fully believing YOU are standing on the side of freedom and liberty.
For those who are in the Kingdom of God, it is increasingly important to remain focused on the eternal, even as you do His work to extend His Kingdom to those who are still solely governed by the temporal.
Our goal is not to overthrow governments or attack our enemies. Our goal is not to win an argument, or a temporal war. Our goal is not to condemn people to hell or consign people to a status of being un-redeemable. Our goal is to witness His glory in our lives, in how we relate to those around us, even those who will eventually cheer as we are imprisoned. Paul witnessed to his jailers, and we should too.
Our hope should be that no one be lost, not one. It is most difficult to genuinely love those who want you to be silenced, by any means necessary, but this is just what we are called to do. The persecution of the Faithful that is already happening will give us challenges in the temporal, but opportunities to witness the greatness, the glory, the power of the one true King of creation, Our Father, Our Redeemer, The Son, and our comforter, the Holy Spirit.

With that in mind, here is my definitive statement on the push by the progressives to legalize same-sex marriage and aggressively offer ‘protections’ for the class of people known as the ‘homosexual’:

I am not for criminalizing homosexuality. I am against people discriminating against homosexuals. I do not view homosexuals as being some sort of special sin or evil. I believe God loves the sinner and desperately wants all of us to turn to Him and love Him. I want everyone to love God and be saved from the second death.

I believe homosexual sex is a sin, as is ALL sex outside of marriage. I believe marriage is a key part of my faith, that marriage, as clearly defined by God throughout the Old and New Testament, is a witness of our relationship to Him. As such, no Christian who believes in the infallible and literal truth of the Word can support homosexual marriage, participate in homosexual marriage, or deny that homosexual sex is, in fact, a sin.

In the natural, governments are free to define law as they see fit, and God will be the judge of those governments, not me. But this battle is not at all about liberty for homosexuals, but about oppression of the true believers of the one true faith, the faith of the way of Christ. I stand openly and proudly against this militancy, but with love in my heart for those who are attacking us.

I will risk my business, my family, my life to proclaim Christ’s truth and pray for those who will be oppressing me and my faith, that they might repent and turn back from the kingdom of darkness and to the kingdom of life.