By Bill Collier- A reader sent us pictures they took of Pershing Square on October 12, almost a month before the purported Antifa/Leftwing “Resist Fascism” demonstration planned on Saturday. The reader was concerned because the sign on the hate group’s tent made it clear: they want to kill white people.

While a story ran recently in which a post alleging to be Antifa and calling for the killing of white people and Trump supporters, which proved to be a hoax meant to troll the alt-right. this is not a mere social media post. This tent was set up in Pershing Square in our nation’s capital. It stretches credulity to the breaking point to imagine this is mere “trolling” or that this is staged by some right-wing group to smear the left.

You wull observe in this picture the sign that forbids setting up camp in the park, as these leftist activists have done. There is no crowd therefore dispersal and removal of this group by the DC police would not be problematic. No doubt the DC police knew such activities were planned, as these groups have broadcasted their intentions to do this. But there are no police present and the person who sent us this did not observe any.

Now we go to what was on the tent that should raise serious concerns.

What you can clearly see here is that it says “kill whitey.” This is an illegal encampment making terrorist threats against a substantial number of people who live in, work in, or just visit DC every day. It is unmistakable hate speech, but, beyond that, it is actually a direct call to take the lives of people merely because they are white.

There is no defense of this.

Here you can see the whole illegal encampment with just a few people. Now imagine you are walking through here alone as a white person, are you going to feel safe?

Evidently the local police were not concerned that a group of people set up an illegal encampment in a public space in order to promote a call to kill white people.

CORRECTION: I originally said this was on Friday, before the big protest was planned, but I was mistaken.  The picture was taken October 12th. This dispels the myth that these groups were not making such threats.