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Today’s Daily Freedomist is focused entirely on one issue, Asia Bibi.  In case you haven’t heard about this heartbreaking story, let us bring  you up to speed.  A Christian Woman in Pakistan was being constantly confronted by Muslim prostitiutes to covert to Islam.  Finally, she had enough and shared with these Muslim women why she was a follower of Christ.  When the Muslims of her village heard that she dared to stand up for herself, they broke out into a riot and threatened to kill Asia Bibi, the Christian woman we are talking about, right there on the spot.  Her family called the police to have her protected, never guessing that it would get her arrested and put in jail for ‘blasphemy’ charges.  Jail is where she sat for the next year, until a couple of weeks ago when a Sharia court gave her a death sentence for standing up for her faith.

Christians are persecuted every day around the world, and if you follow The Freedomist regularly, you are fully aware of that.  So why is this the case that The Freedomist has decided to take up as a personal campaign?  Why not the teacher in Iran being executed for sharing his faith or the families in Laos that are being rooted out of their village?  Why?  Because this case presents a clear, black and white dividing line between true religious tolerance and persecution.  Here is a christian woman who has always been a Christian and was not preaching to Muslims, merely defending her faith from serial assaults.

Furthermore, Pakistan is ostensibly supposed to be an ally of America, so America’s influence on Pakistan is much more pronounced than it is on, say, Laos or Iran.  Here is an opportunity for Christians, Muslims, Freedomists who believe in true tolerance and freedom to stand up for Asia Bibi, to send a message to the entire world that we have had enough of these persecutions, whether it be against Christians, Muslims, or any other Faith.

We hope that this special edition of the Daily Freedomist will call you to action to support Asia Bibi, to join in the fight against deadly intolerance around the world.  Here is one way you can help:

Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 CALLL NOW!!!

Would you help to get this mom’s sentence commuted, maybe get her exiled, with her kids, to the US?

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Join the Worldwide Fight to Free Asia Bibi- call your Senator or congres

Find your  Senators’ and Representative’s numbers easily by clicking on these links

This is the most important way you can help.  But, and only AFTER you have made your calls, you can also join in by spreading these stories and the others we will provide links to at the end of this edition through twitter, facebook, your own sites, any place you are active, let the world know about Asia Bibi and how they can help save a Christian woman, as well as send a powerful message to the world that WE, all of us, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, Freedomists, STAND for Asia Bibi and her innate right to freely follow the Faith of her choosing.

Hillary Clinton holds fate of Asia Bibi in her hands- Christian News- Action- #jesustweeters

Asia Bibi to be killed for giving water to muslims

#god #jesustweeters #asiabibi hashtags- attention- you can save Asia Bibi- here’s how

The Free Asia Movement Grows- Please Join to Save a Life- Christian News- World

Asia Bibi Family she would leave behind

Free Asia Bibi- call your congressman- tweet for Asia Bibi

Brutally Honest: Pray for Asia Bibi

Posted by guest blogger BroKen. Asia Bibi is a 45 year old Christian, mother of five in Pakistan. Recently she was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death. Pray for her, her safety and release, her family, the appeal process and petitions to revoke the blasphemy law. You can add your voice to such petitions […]

Free Asia Bibi Campaign has strange bedfellows- Christians and

Asia Bibi is becoming the universal face of intolerance OF religious intolerance, as religious groups as diverse as Christians and Muslims come together to support her Bonjour Planet Earth: Christians, Muslims try to save Asia Bibi … Hundreds of thousands of people sign petition in favour of Asia Bibi.Asia is innocent, the villagers are taking […]

the Tunnel Wall: Asia Bibi, Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death

Submitted by Paula Duffy “Accounts of the 2009 incident all contain facts that indicate that Bibi, after being asked to fetch water while working as a farmhand with other women, was insulted by Muslim workers who refused to accept it from her, calling her “unclean” because she is Christian. Reportedly a dispute followed during which […]

Asia Bibi gains support from World- Italy group starts- Christian

Asia Bibi, Christian News, World News, Pakistan, Italy, Asia News Asia covers: http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Your-signature-to-save-Asia-Bibi-and-Pakistan-19997.html Your signature to save Asia Bibi and Pakistan by Bernardo Cervellera An online petition (to be sent to AsiaNews, or directly to the President of Pakistan) for the revocation of the death sentence for a Christian woman sentenced to hang for blasphemy. […]

Asia Bibi Email Petitions Flood Pakistan- add to the flood | The

Asia Bibi email petition floods Pakistan officials | CathNews Asia 21 hours ago Christian organizations and human rights groups have inundated Pakistan government officials with 40000 emails calling for the liberation of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy. …http://www.cathnewsasia.com/ Would you help to get this mom’s sentence commuted, maybe get her […]

Pakistani Group Updates on Asia Bibi– Christian News Freedom | The

British Pakistani Christian Association: Update on case of Asia Bibi 7 hours ago by Wilson Chowdhry This morning our Pakistan delegate Juliet Chowdhry spoke with both Sohail Johnson of Release International and Ashiq Masih (husband of Asia Bibi). The two of them seemed in good mood and are grateful for the support that …http://britishpakistanichristian.blogspot.com/ Would […]

Free Asia Bibi- Updates on the movement to free Asia Bibi

Free Asia Bibi- her daughters pose with her picture

Asia Bibi will be free with your help only- track the story and how you can join in the fight to free Asia Bib

Free Asia Bibi Signature campaign makes headware- join the cause

PAKISTAN: Your signature to save Asia Bibi and Pakistan | Tea and … I’m aware of the sentence condemning Christian woman Asia Bibi to death by hanging after she allegedly blasphemed against the prophet. Considering that she is not a Muslim, that the sentence constitute an abuse of Human …http://teaandpolitics.wordpress.com/ Would you help to get […]

NGOs take action to Free Asia Bibi– World News | The Freedomist

Christians, Muslims, NGOs mobilise for Asia Bibi, against “obscene … 3 hours ago by Sergic08 Christians, Muslims, NGOs mobilise for Asia Bibi, against “obscene” blasphemy law By Jibran Khan Islamabad (AsiaNews) – Catholic and Protestant.http://www.closeprotectionworld.co.uk/ Would you help to get this mom’s sentence commuted, maybe get her exiled, with her kids, to the US? World […]

Free Asia Bibi– Updates on the movement to free Asia Bibi | The

Free Asia Bibi- her daughters pose with her picture Asia Bibi, Free Asia Bibi, World News, Christian News, Christian Persecution, World Christian, Freedom News, Freedom Action Asia Bibi’s story has touched the world with her sad story of religious persecution.  We at The Freedomist have put our efforts to get this story out there to […]

Vatican steps up campaign to Free Asia Bibi– World News- Catholic

Rome pleads for life of condemned woman| UCANEWS 12 hours ago by pramual Rome’s City Hall this week erected a banner pleading for the life of Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy. The banner, which features a large photo of the condemned woman …http://www.ucanews.com/ Would you help to get […]

Christian Persecution Blog: VIDEO: PAKISTAN: ASIA BIBI—APPEAL

« Continue to Pray for Asia Bibi Her 5 Children and Husband | Main | Iran’s Supreme Leader Targets the Church » powered by shantz-wp-prefix-suffix Article source: http://www.persecutionblog.com/2010/11/video-pakistan-asia-bibiappeal-.html Feed: Asia Bibi Watch See More Articles like this Free Asia Bibi Updates Spread Freedom News Across the Netosphere: Print Digg Sphinn del.icio.us Facebook Mixx Google Bookmarks […]

Vatican steps up campaign to Free Asia Bibi- World News- Catholic

Rome pleads for Asia Bibi

Prayers, Petitions and Letters in Support of Asia Bibi-World News-Link Report

Support for Asia Bibi and family worldwide

Pakistan faces increasing World Pressure to let Asia Bibi go free- Top News- World

asia bibi in the pakistani crescent

Asia Bibi gains thousands and thousands of worldwide support daily- will you join her cause?

#Asia #Bibi tweet army grows to Free her from death sentence- join us #asiabibi

Asia Bibi Family she would leave behind

Free Asia Bibi now! Demand it from Pakistan. Get your Senator, Congressman to push State department- #jesustweeters #tcot #left

Muslims stand up for Asia Bibi against religious intolerance of Pakistan government- World News- Islam

Even peace-loving Muslims support Asia Bibi in her fight to stay alive- #islam #worldnews #jesustweeters

Asia Bibi cause crosses political lines- Huffington Post joins the fight- Christian News

@huffingtonpost joins the fight to save #asiabibi won’t @hotairblog and @redstate ?

Pakistan’s own people call for the release of Asia Bibi- Christian Persecution- #jesustweeters

Lest you think all of Pakistan supports death sentence for Asia Bibi- read this- #god #worldnews

India calls to Free Asia Bibi- Christian News- Persecution- #jesustweeters

#India calls for Asia Bibi to be freed

Asia Bibi Alert- calling all tweeters- save #asiabibi #teaparty #jesustweeters #sgp #god

Asia Bibi says goodbye to her children

Please RT @glennbeck @limbaugh @michellemalkin save Asia Bibi #sgp #god #iamthemob @hotairblog

Some recommended tweets to use for Asia Bibi:

Twitter Activists, this is an emergency call to action.  We ask you to help us get the word out about Asia Bibi,a Christian sister who faces execution by Pakistani authorities for giving water to Muslims.   We need you to tweet links to these hashtags:








#iamthemob #912project

Also, bring this story to the attention of the people with the bigger megaphones by sending these @ notices







Also, @ your congressman, senator, Hilary Clinton.  Twitter helped a revolution or two in the past, let’s see if it can save a Christian sister from Islamo-Fascist Persecution.  If you are reading this, and are not following up with action, then you are not answering Freedom’s call.  Answer the call.  Do your part.

  Remember Asia Bibi [HQ]

Tweets you can use:

Tweet Report from @freedomist on #asia #bibi plz RT these next tweets 2 support #asiabibi #jesustweeters #sgp

Will Hillary Clinton save #asia #bibi? http://j.mp/bhljTP #jesustweeters #hillary #clinton #asiabibi #jesustweeters #sgp #christ #god

#Asia #Bibi needs army of Tweeters 2 get story out there- #jesustweeters #asiabibi http://j.mp/bGSCwp #asiabibi #worldnews #god

Pakistanis Support #Asia #Bibi against their own government wishes- World News http://j.mp/bHZfqU #asiabibi #worldnews #christiannews

Muslims support #Asia #Bibi -make voices heard in stand against Pakistan officials- #worldnews http://j.mp/djUZWq #asiabibi #jesustweeters

Free #Asia #Bibi movement goes beyond left-right ideology- @huffingtonpost supports cause http://j.mp/cbYGkO #asiabibi #tcot #god #sgp

Christians rally around Free #Asia #Bibi Movement- Christian persecution http://j.mp/9LnWB0 #asiabibi #teaparty #sgp #jesustweeters #tcot

Christian rally begins for Free #Asia #Bibi Movement http://j.mp/dq7BVL #asiabibi #jesustweeters #sgp #christ

India movement to free #Asia #Bibi grows http://j.mp/c8yR7B #asiabibi #worldnews #jesustweeters #sgp #christ #god #church #tcot

Major Newspapers around the world join the fight to free #Asia #Bibi http://j.mp/aLDZj6 #asiabibi #worldnews #jesutweeters #tcot #sgp #god

Italy groups form to support Free #Asia #Bibi world movement http://j.mp/cexjy6 #asiabibi #worldnews #christiannews #jesustweeters #sgp

UK groups pick up call to free #Asia #Bibi#asiabibi #worldnews http://j.mp/dyRncd #jesustweeters #god #sgp #tcot #teaparty

Catholics, Pope call 4 #Asia #Bibi release by Intolerant Pakistani Officials- World News- #jesustweeters http://j.mp/cMfyKK #asiabibi

Tweet Report from @freedomist on #asia #bibi plz RT #asiabibi tweets 2 support her #jesustweeters #sgp http://j.mp/byIy7R

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More links you cam convert to tweets, add to facebook, your own blog sites, etc:

Sites covering this story:








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