Judy Faulkner Medical Records Czar wants your records and your money

Judy Faulkner, Medical Records Czar and Healthcare IT CEO of Epic Systems wants to control your records to make millions

Written by- The Collier Brothers

Judy Faulkner, Medical Records Czar, Healthcare IT, Obama Czar, Obamacare

It seems like everything comes in threes.

First Obama had the problem with Solyndra.

Then he ran into a buzz-saw with Lightsquared.

It all amounts to an EPIC Fail and “three strikes, you’re out!”

Meet Judy Faulkner. She’s not your average Obama-anointed czar.

Usually they just get a cushy job and the ability to network, which is pretty good while it lasts.

Judy is better than ALL THE REST of Obama’s czars because she doesn’t get the cushy job and a few perks- she is trying to quite literally have an iron-clad monopoly over not only your medical records but potentially over the whole Health IT industry!

WARNING: If it’s medical and has pixels, no matter where it is, Judy the medical records czar is going to OWN it- that is, if she gets her way.

Obama gave her a juicy spot in one of those special ObamaCare central planning committees and what do you know, that committee was tasked with giving government contracts to providers to manage the new requirement that your
medical records be digitized.

The thing is, and perhaps Judy thought nobody would mind, she happens to own the company that is getting a lot of the deals!

Here are a few of the growing list of deals:






Well, for Judy anyway.

You see her company, we prefer to call it EPIC Fail, because it doesn’t play nice with others  and she doesn’t exactly let her investors know what a true far-left radical she is.

Her company is almost the polar opposite of the political rhetoric she espouses- it is a top-down, profit-driven, and totally closed system that tells doctors and hospitals who are going to be forced to use her services to digitize medical records that they MUST use her software to do so!

That’s right folks, this Obama bundler thinks she’s Microsoft in the bad old days before Microsoft was forced, at the insistence of people on the left an right, to allow for “interoperability.”

Judy the medical records czar is telling companies that the only way to comply with ObamaCare, if SHE has the contract, is to use her expensive software because she refuses to let her precious software “talk” to other software platforms, as is the norm
in that industry.

I wonder if she will write a big fat check out of those monopoly-driven profits to help the government like Warren Buffet wants “the rich” to do?

This is incredible and we are certain that over the next few weeks we will have yet a third crony socialism scandal that will rock the White House, unless of course Judy and her EPIC Fail scheme are quietly sidelined before too many
people notice!