Will Congressman Darrell Issa investigate Epic Systems?

Solyndra, Lightsquared, and Now Epic Systems- WILL CONGRESSMAN ISSA INVESTIGATE Epic Systems and Judy Faulker, the unofficial medica records czar?

What do Solyndra, Lightsquared, and Epic Systems all have in common? First, an Obama Bundler stands to profit if the company profits. Second, the company needs favors from the government to make money. Third, the company’s gain is America’s loss. And fourth, despite this, the Obama Administration gives that company favor because of its political support for him. SEE MORE BACKGROUND ON EPIC SYSTEMS HERE

While the nation has heard of Solyndra and Lightsquared, it seems that nobody on capital hill has noticed that Epic Systems, led by leftwing activist Judy Faulkner, is quietly getting what could amount to BILLIONS in tax dollars to ultimately CONTROL your medical records and force your doctor to use her inefficient and and closed software platform if they want federal dollars to pay for complying with the ObamaCare mandate to use digital medical records.

Obama has quietly given Judy Faulkner a huge boost as the unofficial medical records czar of the worse type- she is seeking total control over ALL medical records and she stands to get billions of tax dollars to do it!

We have sent over background information about this to Congressman Issa’s office and are awaiting a response. Perhaps you, the reader, can call him and ask him if he would kindly make an inquiry about Epic systems?

Epic systems, owned by Judy Faulkner, is getting all kinds of advantages and, thereby, big fat contracts, to set up a system that is actually the opposite of the medical records system called for by the law.

In other words, while the ObamaCare law calls for digital medical records systems that allow for what is called “interoperability” (the ability to connect with other software systems that provide digital medical records)  Epic Systems’ software is NOT interoperative.

What’s worse is that Judy Faulkner was appointed by Obama to a special ObamaCare central planning committee that is specifically tasked with assigning contracts to companies that provide software for digital medical records.

So Obama chose the head of one of the ONLY companies that does NOT meet interoperability standards to oversee giving out contracts and, conveniently, she is getting contracts that, in reality, her company is not qualified for because it fails to meet interoperability standards.

Contact Congressman Issa and ask him to inquire as to whether or not Judy Faulkner is getting favors because of her partisan support for Obama despite the fact that her company does not comply with Federal requirements for getting the contracts she is getting.