Are we conservatives losers who snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by our constant navel gazing and self-critique even in the face of an all-out assault on our legitimacy by the Progressives? We see with the wanton and egregious attacks on Donald J. Trump that conservatives are ill-equipped intellectually and morally to stand strong.

The conspiracy theorists would argue, “The witch hunt against the duly elected President is nothing short of an effort to literally conduct a coup against the voters. The aim to is to place a globalist puppet in the White House to continue the globalist plan to dismantle freedom and use America’s resources to erect a ‘global superstructure’ with total control over your life.”

While that sounds sensational, the machinations of the Progressives and their media allies do in fact appear to evince of a design which could be described technically as a coup, although perhaps that is a stretch. The aim is to deligitimize the President and the Republicans  and indeed the very ideas and values which underpin the original spirit and intent of our Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Progressivism is an ideology that, upon exploration, is a utopian scheme to change human nature itself through direct control over the many by an elite few. Regardless of its slogans and constant virtue signalling, progressivism really does come down to that. Whatever the problem, the solution is always an elite few controlling the many for the sake of “progress”, which essentially requires the rewriting of human nature itself.

It is not an attractive ideology and Progressives seem to spend more time and energy denying and concealing their ideology than explaining it. Thus, in order to advance their agenda they must eliminate all competition. To create a scenario where the only choices are versions of Progressivism you have to deligitimize the other side, ideally by using the conservative penchant for moral and ethical purity to make them doubt the moral and ethical virtue of their leaders.

This is not about winning in the marketplace of ideas, this is about creating a marketplace in which progressivism alone has a monopoly, and all other ideas are illegitimate. By attacking leaders, whether the attacks have ANY basis in fact doesn’t matter, and then, once the conservatives turn on their own leaders, tarnishing all conservatives with the false accusations of corruption, you eliminate competition in the marketplace of ideas.

If indeed conservatives had a backbone, and most don’t seem to, this would not work. We would resist all progressive attacks, demand truth, and do the same right back to them. We would counter accuse, and Lord knows we would have no lack of material to work with. We would defend our leaders and our cause. We would vilify the Progressives, who deserve it, and we would seek to deligitimize them and their ideology at every turn.

In truth, conservatives have become a bunch of naval gazers with the weak conscious of the childish and immature. Too ready to abandon their leaders, too ready to buy into the opposition media’s lies, and too unwilling to turn the tables and launch their own attacks, conservatives look like weaklings and fools. The silly argument that we cannot blindly follow a leader, when nothing of the sort is required, is virtue signalling of the worse type.

If we are not careful, the attempt to delegitimize the President and us will have the effect of becoming a de facto coup, he would be forced to resign or something based on lies, and even as he is abandoned, the entire cause we say we believe in would be shamed and shunned. All resistance to the Progressives would be broken.

That is what is at stake.

There is a time for everything. There is a time to hold even our conservative leaders, even the President, accountable. But that time is not in the middle of a faux controversy being drummed up to change election outcomes at worse, or deligitimize the President and our cause at best. In the middle of a battle you don’t start an inquiry into whether you should support the generals. Do that later.

Conservatives had better wise up and stand strong, because if Donald Trump is delegitimized our whole movement will end up in the wildnerness. Defeat the Progressives, then let’s start talking about whether we can trust our own leaders.