It is time for the Coalition that will oppose Obama to make itself known, to form around our standard, the Bill of Rights, and to put aside the differences we cannot hope to settle or address under the progressive state Obama and the operatives that support him are currently building.  These operatives, allies, special interests, paid benefactors, etc come in many flavors.  Some of them even claim to be conservative, card-carrying members of the GOP.

It is important for us to identify these statist interlopers and to no longer include them as members or allies of the Coalition to stop the progressive statists.  Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post is just such an interloper, and the article she wrote September 17th, 2013 not only reveals that fact, but it also exposes the tactics these statist interlopers will deploy to continue to undermine and divide the real Coalition.

rino v right wing

It is for the latter point, exposing the tactics of the statist interlopers from within the GOP, that I take the time to respond to the article “Conservative Victimhood” by Jennifer Rubin.   Here is  a link to the article-

The premise of the article is that the ‘right wing’ of the GOP is doing a lot of damage by whining about Obama, the MSM, and Republican leadership.  I take no issue in the core thesis of this article, that whining does not win the day, but rather strong, decisive leadership wins the day.  What I take issue with is how Rubin has distorted the truth and utilized a fair point, that whininess doesn’t pay, to target the ‘right wing’ of the GOP.

In exposing her tactics, I will make bare the tactics that similar statist interlopers will deploy (and are deploying) to protect their shared statist interests with this President and the progressive regime.

The article is not a call to unity, but rather does the work of the progressive statists, continuing to divide the opposition.  Cloaking yourself in the GOP brand, even defending the leadership of the GOP, makes the progressive-like slurs all the more effective.  Having members of the GOP serve as examples for progressives to persuade others that Constitutionalists, Tea Partiers, or ‘Right Wingers’ are ‘crazy’ and ‘extreme’ gives the statists a strong indoctrination tool.

It goes something like this:
“Why even members of their own party call them reckless”

“Oh, maybe they really are crazy if even their own party thinks they are.  I mean, it’s not just the progressives saying this, it’s the GOP itself saying this”.

I will point out the misrepresentations of truth, the mischaracterizations, and the destructive affects an article such as this have on the overall coalition to oppose the progressive statists unless people like Jennifer Rubin are identified for who they are, statist interlopers, enemies from within.

I begin with this rather inflammatory statement that vilifies a significant segment of the coalition, while falsely portraying a feckless leader as being a model of reason and control.

 “If anyone on the right has reason to complain it is Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who must corral the destructive elements in his caucus…”

This is just demonization, reinforcing the progressive narrative against the Tea Party and the ‘right wing’.  This statement in and of itself is whining, complaining about the Constitutionalists, who are not, in fact whining, but simply demanding leaders do the job of an oppositional party and stop the  progressive statists from destroying our republic, by any constitutional means necessary.

Someone, somewhere, needs to say NO MORE and put some teeth behind it.  This is not a whining statement.  It is an accurate observation, and a call for the GOP rank and file to remove these feckless leaders from their positions.  It is a forward-thinking, action observation.  These leaders are not effective.  We need to find leaders who will be effective.  We need to rally people to remove the elements within the GOP who are statists themselves, such as Boehner, McConnell, McCain, and this writer, Jennifer Rubin.

“or McConnell, who must lead right-wingers oblivious to the fact they are making the case for never, ever giving the GOP control of the Senate.”

This statement is the very definition of whining.  Without clarifying exactly how this writer came to the conclusion that ‘right wingers’ have ruined the GOP’s chance to control the Senate, we are to simply trust in the writer that this is a given fact.  One could argue that the reason some ‘questionable’ GOP candidates lost their elections was because moderates in the party quickly turned on them when they made any mistakes, or, in the case of Christine O’Donnell, abandoned her before she ever had a chance to make a mistake (which, her campaign did end up making).

 “ The most embattled GOP leaders understand however that complaining is useless or worse, counterproductive to the goal of unifying the party an(sic) winning elections.”

Giving such sacerdotal status to these so-called leaders who have handed Obama victory after victory is beyond the pale, and reveals a certain lack of perception of the Forest AND the trees.  The GOP leaders have been in charge of framing the narrative to form a coalition against the statists.  They have wholeheartedly failed in that work.  They have failed at such epic levels, that it is not outside the bounds of reasonable conjecture to conclude the leaders are, in fact, statists themselves, preserving the parts of statism they share in common with Obama.

Rather, they have aided and abetted the enemy.  Rubio and McCain empowering the progressives to push amnesty one step closer to reality was not wise council, but simply abandoning our very Rule of Law is an illusory effort to win voters they will never win by being progressive statists themselves.  Why switch to imitation Coke when you already have real Coke?

The fact that Boehner and Cantor are pushing for some form of immigration reform that involves amnesty is not an example of deep-thinking strategy, but merely a capitulation to an ideology that is fundamentally at odds with a significant segment of the coalition, and a move that empowers the progressive statists.

This is not whining, this is OBSERVATION, and a case for jettisoning these feckless agents for leaders who will actually do the job of running an Opposition Party and not a compromise and sell-out party.  The GOP, as reflected through these unscrupulous leaders, is not an opposition party, but a progressive-lite party, a party we would argue is just the right party for this Tea-Party bashing writer.

Their ‘Machiavellian’ long plays have led to the destruction of our American economic system and the fundamental transformation this unconstitutional statist wanted from the start.

“Right-wingers may think ideological purity is what counts at the polls, but in fact voters, including conservatives, respond to positive, confident leaders who overcome adversity and don’t bemoan their own plight. “

I agree with this statement in part.  I do  not agree with the term ‘Right-wingers’, or the premise that ideological purity is an exclusive trait of these so-called ‘Right Wingers’ (which, I am not sure describes accurately any one group of the fractured GOP coalition)..  The ‘moderates’, the fiscal conservatives have their own tests of ideological purity.

The unity issue for the GOP, if there is one, is that our nation is so fundamentally off track from the original Spirit and Intent of the Republic that we need to come together, social conservatives, Christian Conservatives, fiscal conservatives, libertarians, center right, Constitutionalists, even classic non-statist Liberals, under the banner of the Bill of Rights, to restore, strengthen, and defend the Original Spirit and Intent of the Bill of Rights.

Interestingly enough, lest the statist interlopers of the GOP try to tell you otherwise, this was the reason the party formed in the first place (and how it got its very name).  It was a reaction against the democratic trends of the Whigs and, well, the Democrats, who prefer mob rule to a Republican Rule of Law.  The mob is so much easier to manipulate than having to defeat and nullify those pesky limitations of power placed on statists through our Individual Liberty standards of the Republic’s Constitution.

It is real simple-  if you are not for us, you are against us.  The real coalition that can oppose these progressive statists most likely includes some card-carrying members of the Democratic Party, a huge proportion of Independents, and practically all of the Libertarians.  The statists of the GOP are NOT a part of this coalition.  Defending statists like Boehner and McConnell puts you in the ‘against us’ camp, and the manner in which Rubin manipulates truth and uses the same vilifying language against ‘conservatives’ that the overt statists use should tip you off as to which camp this writer really belongs to, the progressive-lites.

I do fundamentally agree with the central point of this article, as I stated at the beginning.  We need less whining and more decisive action.  Instead of complaining about the MSM (though holding them accountable for lying and overtly propagandizing for the statist progressives is NOT inappropriate), we need to build our own media.  I am doing just that.  We started a local newspaper to be an example of forward action, and not fearful whining.

“One of conservatives’ principle arguments against the administration is that the president is in over his head and therefore blames everyone but himself. If right-wingers keep up the same drumbeat, the same will be said of them.”

This whining, for which this author seems to want to pin solely on the ‘right wingers’, is not exclusive to any part of the GOP.  The fiscal conservatives complain that the Social conservatives are messing up their chance to win elections by continuing to stress abortion and the defense of marriage.  The Libertarians complain about the imperialistic, militaristic qualities of the neo-cons getting in the way of ‘true liberty’.  There is whining across the board, but, reading this article, you would get the impression that Boehner and McConnell are the sage leaders with sound, long-term strategies for defeating Obama, hampered by those pesky, whiny right wingers.

In the end, this article makes one valid point, whining is self-defeating, but it does so through making a series of bad points, that right wingers are a bad element of the GOP, that right wingers are destructive, that there really is such a thing as a right winger, that whining is exclusive to those destructive right wingers, that Boehner and McConnell know what they are doing, and that the moderates are the victims of the out-of-control right.

This article was not helpful.  It was destructive.  It was clearly written with an agenda in mind, to discredit a pretty significant portion of the coalition that could stop the Statists.  And it did so whining all the way.