By Bill Collier-

I am an American “Freedom Seeker”- this means I believe that true freedom is an American mission and extending freedom is part of our destiny as a People and a Nation, and that even our State (the governments, their agencies, the territory governed by them, and the citizens who own those governments) ought to be guided by this “freedom vision.”

I stand for the values of moral virtue, personal liberty, and local independence as the basis of true freedom for all, regardless of anything except the content of their character, with equality of opportunity in a true free market based on one’s participation in a fair exchange, with equitability and equality of justice, and with a public commitment to preserve the persons, rights, and property of all Americans against all hazards, foreign or domestic- and that, so help me God!

I recognize that the evils of elitism, racism, bigotry, exploitation, and both social and economic justice require a people-powered approach (led by private persons and communities of faith or of other shared values) and encouraged by a robust public policy that rewards those who do good for others and punishes those who do evil toward others.

I value life, equality, liberty, justice, fatherhood and motherhood as the foundation of a healthy family unit, a pacific foreign policy built on the foundation of a strong but efficient national defense, sustainability that is people-powered and locally scaled to promote freedom, and compassion that is favored but not mandated by public policy.

I believe every American, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, geographical locale, sex, or any other factor can be and should be an American Freedom Seeker as well.

I do not believe the Democrats are wrong on the social ills and injustices, but they are wrong on the government-powered (as opposed to people-powered) “solutions” which create elites.

I do not believe Republicans are wrong about the role of the free market, private initiative, and voluntary compassion as solutions, but they all too often ignore the actual problems and pretend things like enviornmental problems, racism, sexism, and exploitation do not occur as much as they do.

I am not middle of the road, between two extremes.

I am on the high road, the high road of a free “united people’s democratic republic” founded on the ideals of unity in diversity, popular sovereignty, democratic equality, and rule of law, a republic based on merit that denies the very existence of any race except for the human race, while celebrating (and respecting) the cultural diversity of the “nations” of people within its borders as a healthy means of creating a vibrant culture and a free society of inherently equal and valued human beings created by and for a Loving Creator.

Are you a Freedom Seeker?