I don’t want anything to do with a civil war. As a student of history, I see so many impositions by one half of America, who embrace socialism, against the other half, who embrace capitalism, and by the secularist minority against the more religious majority (most people are in the middle of the road), and it’s not looking healthy.

When even a sizable minority is deeply offended. By a majority who leave them no place to pursue their own self-determination, cracks become fracture, and fractures become chasms, and opponents become enemies.

The progressives have most of the political and media clout, and they’re rushing to create a secularist socialist, and disarmed, society, heedless of the fact that for many, a sizable minority at least, those new rules and policies are not merely objectionable but deeply immoral. People would rather die than submit to some of this stuff and true peacemakers would see that and say “whoah, we’re gonna unloose some ugliness nobody wants.”

With cavalied, even arrogance, some quip, “well, people with guns can’t fight the US Military, all we need is the first amendment!” Yes, the one that guarantees freedom OF religion not freedom “from” religion, the one being violated by Obamacare.

Additionally, even if this dismissal of 100 angry gun owners would prove valid, that wouldn’t stop those people from fighting, even hopelessly, like the Jews who rose up in the Warsaw Ghetto. What such a person is saying is “might makes right”, and how is that different than what the Newtown shooter did, doing whatever you like so you can have your way, even if people die.

How sad and how very dangerous such thinking is.

This is our reality, it can change, and civil war doesn’t have to happen, but every day’s new offense by half the country against the conscience of the rest of the country leads us closer to a total meltdown.

I wish I was in some other place, I don’t like what I’m seeing, I wish the Progressives weren’t so bent on their ideology and so inconsiderate of their fellow Americans.