Christine O'Donnell Runs for Biden's Deleware Senate Seat

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Christine O’Donnell Seen As “Lame Duck Hunter”

The Reid-Pelosi “Lame Duck” might be in danger as a new hunter emerges who might just shoot it right out of the sky!

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal has been banging the drum about possible plans by Pelosi and Reid to use the lame duck session of Congress after the November election to force through unpopular legislation using the votes of Democrats who might lose their bid for re-election. Fund has pointed to the potential for Democrats to gain support for unpopular bills, like Cap and Trade and the Disclose Act, by urging members who will be out of office when the new Congress comes into session to vote for these Bills which, prior to the election, could cost them votes.The irony here is that the new potential Lame Duck Hunter who could shoot this whole scenario down is running against the one Republican who is for one of those unpopular bills, the Disclose Act, and she’s running to replace Joe Biden, the Vice President, who in a close vote could be a tie breaker. Using the catchy phrase “Sock It To Joe” the O’Donnell campaign is hoping to gain donor support for an insurgent campaign against a GOP insider candidate who actually helped to draft the now notorious “Disclose Act” which is an outright effort by the Democrats to stifle GOP political campaigning!


Support for the “Sock It To Joe” effort is growing and, after the Arizona Primary, which many conservative blogs and social networks are heavily engaged in, it is anticipated that the cry “SOCK IT TO JOE!” will reverberate across the land as the conservative base realizes that the ONLY way to stop the Lame Duck, which John Fund has alerted the nation to, is to vote for a candidate who, if they win, would be seated the day after the election.

O’Donnell is running in Delaware in a special election, and if she does not defeat the other GOP contender, Mike Castle, who is one of the most notorious aisle-crossers in GOP history, voting more than 70% with the Pelosi-led majority, she would be positioned to ride the anti-Obama wave into office where, on the day after the election, she would be sworn in. Her vote would be the final nail in the coffin of any attempt to pass unpopular bills by getting un-elected Senators to vote for bills they never would have voted for before the election!


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Christine O’Donnell (born August 27, 1969) is an American marketing consultant and political commentator. She ran for the Republican Party nomination for

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