David Wilkerson gives a sermon about the root of the power of faith, the power to do God’s works, anguish.
If you do not experience the anguish of a lost kingdom, of a broken kingdom, then you are the devil’s plaything.
For Americans, this is also true. Whether you are Christian or otherwise, if you do not experience the anguish of a broken, lost America, then you are a part of the problem. If you do not know anguish, if you cannot see the lost kingdom around you, then you are a ghost living off the ether of past memories of God.
For myself, Paul Collier, as a Christian, this sermon speaks directly to my life’s pulse, serving God, my God, the God of Jehovah, the God of Christ, it gets to my life’s core driving force, to restore the Kingdom of God.
But as an American, I also serve my nation, the nation that was promised, not the nation we see before us today, a broken kingdom, with interloper kings and czars and spitting goons, blaspheming our sacred text, the Constitution, as it was intended, not as a vile court of ill men and ill women rendered law a broken contract, where it granted the powers of the land itself to states and their self-defined concerns.

As Christians, we must build a nation within a nation. As Americans, we must find fellow Freedomists, those who believe that all power radiates from the individual and not central authority. We must learn to do business with one another, for one another. We must take care of our own, Freedomists, and ween ourselves off government services bit by bit, first our own source of energy, then our own source of food, then our own healthcare associations, etc.

In a sense, we must also do as my fellow Christians should do, build nations within the nation. You will not get the great leviathon to slit its own throat. But if you stop feeding it, it will die of its own weight, like a lofty brontosaurus who runs out of grazing lands.

We must take responsibility for our lives, and for one another’s lives, not by government edict, but by a social contract, clearly defined boundaries that allow a homosexual couple to live next to a Christian couple, with neither side feeling their rights are threatened by the other’s presence.

David Wilkerson’s plaintive song, this sermon from the core of anguish, is an indictment of all Christians, a call to beg God for forgiveness for allowing his kingdom to be taken over by money changers and bureaucrats. It is also a call to those Americans who still believe in individual liberty, who boldly stand against government insertion into our private lives, who believe that the greatest source of power is with the individuals themselves, and not government planning committees behind closed doors.

You exist, on all sides of the political spectrum, you liberals, you progressives who believe in local power first, you conservatives who believe in the fundamental freedoms of all peoples so long as your freedoms are not denied. Come together in multiple forms and reach across the mesh. Become involved in one another’s lives. Build new nations within this bloated corpse that, in time, will come together to form the great promise America has never fulfilled, the liberty of all, by all, for all.

Great volunteerism is not born from government programs, it is born from great people who have been given the core values of the nation, as well as the core values of their community, the core values of their families, and core values of the associations they choose to participate in.

For my fellow Christians, I call on you to repent for letting the kingdom fall to ruins. I call on you to know anguish, the anguish of death, the anguish of lost souls. Then I call on you take your place at the wall, and rebuild.

For my fellow Freedomists, I call on you to repent for letting this nation be ruined by corruption, concentrations of power, and the silence that followed Kelo v New London, where the Supreme Court granted powers of the land to any government that chose to take it.

I call on you to rebuild, from the kitchen outward. Rebuild your family first. Do what you can to limit your use of government services, then network with fellow Freedomists, through whom you can all lower your dependence on government services.

Paul Collier
an american freedomist

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