China Takes Down Another Church Cross in National Crackdown on Christians

china topples church cross

CHRISTIAN NEWS- Paul Gordon Collier-  China has taken down yet another cross atop a church today, this time in Eastern China.  The moves seem to be in response to what some from the country are calling a revival currently going on in China that is seeing thousands of daily new converts to Christianity, specifically in the Zhejiang province

According to Evangelist Qu Linuo, who spoke to numerous reporters, “hundreds of police” raided the Longgang Huai En Church in the city of Wenzhou. Their purpose was to remove the cross from atop the church’s steeple.  A crane was implemented to tear the cross down.  While 200 parishioners had gathered to protect the church, they offered no physical resistance when the police advanced.

The action comes amid weekend reports of another incident of a ‘government-hired crew’, dismantling a metal cross from a church in the  eastern village of Wuxi.  That action was met by a church member who actually welded the cross back on top of the steeple.

The same ‘government-hired crew’ came back a week later to remove the cross again, only to have the church members repeat the same effort of the welder from the week before.  The welder was detained for 10 hours and charged with running a welding business without a licence.

To date, in the Zhejiang province, where the revivals and the crackdowns are occuring, Chinese police have removed nearly 100 crosses from Protestant churches.  In some instances, whole churches have been demolished.