Brandon Tatum could theoretically be one of those glad-handing, red-meat-tossing opportunist conservatives that suck all the life, energy, and resources  out of the room just by being willing to state ‘facts’ that are not so certain, just by being willing to do the work of the false prophets of scripture who glad-handed Kings rather than speaking hard truths, giving good counsels.

Maybe.  I’ll let you decide.

But his latest declaration, presented in his usual supremely confident and certain way, allowing for NO POSSIBILITY any of his claims are not ROCK SOLID TRUE, might nudge you towards believing this man is a political false prophet that, rather than serving as a good general in an army, is a collaborationist, willing or not, with the enemy, by rendering conservatives feckless through bad council.

The man has declared Jesus is not Lord, while claiming to be Christian, and Anthony Rogers dismantles his childish claims in this telling video.

Be wary of glad handing promise makers who declare they have the absolute truth.  Be wary of glad handing promise makers who assure you everything is going to be fine and ‘we are winning,’ as men such as Brandon did before the election and during the fall-out afterwards.

Rather than sober counsel, they give us sugar and blood.

Brandon Tatum vs Anthony Rogers (Trinity Debate) – Whaddo You Meme??

Brandon Tatum vs Anthony Rogers (Trinity Debate) YouTube Channel Source – Whaddo You Meme?? YouTube Video