BILL CLIFFORD- a man without honor

As you know, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has a long history of buying candidates and using his media empire to force his anti-Second Amendment views on unsuspecting residents of other cities and states by cloaking his spending under shady groups with generic names.

Now, he’s trying to run the same playbook in Kansas: getting people elected and then forcing them to represent his views instead of the wishes of the voters.

In 2006, Bloomberg bankrolled Mayors Against Illegal Gun, a blandly-named dark-money group buying elected officials with campaign donations and grant money and then pushing them to crack down on legal and responsible firearm ownership, undermining the Second Amendment rights of everyday Americans. Bloomberg’s bought men were not against “illegal” guns, they were against all guns, including the legal ones.

Bloomberg tried to buy his way to the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2020, by spending more than $500 million in three months on television, radio, and online ads. Bloomberg spent the most money on a campaign in American history, and came up empty-handed.

After his failed attempt to pull it off in the Democratic Party presidential primary, Mike Bloomberg is back to his old tricks. A generic-sounding dark-money group is paying for advertisements for candidates in Kansas, to get their chosen candidates elected within the Republican Party.

Mayor Mike’s stealth candidate is Bill Clifford in Kansas’ 1st Congressional District.

Bloomberg, joined by Amazon.com tycoon Jeff Bezos, are interfering with Kansas congressional primaries this summer by funneling money into an out-of-state liberal organization called “With Honor.”

With Honor is without honor, because Bloomberg and Bezos are writing big checks to get their hand-picked candidates in office, so they have someone on hand to call on and be their inside man in Washington.

Who else funds With Honor? Yet another man without honor funds this lobbyist group: Les Wexner. Wexner is yet another tycoon billionaire who doesn’t live in Kansas, and he has shady friends. Wexner was a long-time friend of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, as well as Epstein’s only financial client and his “mentor.”

Epstein and Wexner were such good friends, Wexner gave Epstein the power to hire people, sign his checks, buy, borrow, and sell on his behalf. Epstein died earlier this year under curious circumstances, but Wexner’s relationship with him—and by extension, Epstein’s potential role in With Honor’s finances—remains murky.

Bezos, Bloomberg, and Wexner have dumped almost $500,000 into Clifford’s race to defeat Tracey Mann, Kansas’ former lieutenant governor and a small business owner. As the saying goes, money talks… what is Bloomberg’s money telling Clifford to do? Why are New York City Democrat Michael Bloomberg and Les Wexner so interested in Clifford? Bloomberg’s dark-money group says they only care about candidates’ backgrounds, but big donations from billionaires never come without any strings attached.

There’s always a catch, and no one knows just how Bezos or the other billionaires may ask Clifford to vote on issues important to western Kansas… until it’s too late for the people to do anything about it.