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Paul Gordon Collier- Should we continue to try to understand our progressive counterparts?   Should we continue to refer to them as fellow Americans with different perspectives?  Well, I want to make an argument that the time for such approaches is done.  It is time to decisively stand, un-apologetically against this individual-destroying ideology.
But do not make the mistake that this a defense of the GOP.  When I use the term ‘progressive leadership’ I am referring to the leaders of both parties, for we have but one real party in America, the progressive party.
Now, here’s why I believe we are done with looking at progressives as merely political opponents:


I don’t know the circumstances of the Freddie Gray death. I don’t know the degree to which that police department may be mistreating the people there. I DO know that destroying the businesses, homes and property of the people that live in that city is NOT a protest, is NOT a revolution, is NOT justified. Notice that the rioters are not really damaging anyone that has any real power. They are further undermining and weakening the common man.
This is an orchestrated operation by the Progressive leadership to introduce the idea of federalizing all police. They have no interest or desire in helping anyone who might be facing real injustices. The Baltimore rioters are mere tools of very wealthy elites who seek to remove what little protections we have against the anti-liberty, anti-just agenda of the progressive dream, to control people and create the perfect man, the perfect society.
For those of you who call yourselves progressive, I don’t think you know what that ideology really stands for. It’s not about government taking care of the poor.  It’s not really about social justice. It’s about a pragmatic view of human beings from the perspective of collective usefulness, a collective that aims to purge itself of the weak and the ideologically unaligned. It is an ideology of murder and terror, an ideology of state control that gives you a lie of a dream, that we will all be equal and free if we just surrender our will to the small group of engineers controlling our choices, our thoughts, our very lives.
Most progressives, I would wager, are actually liberals. They have no idea how harmful the progressive ideology is to the individual’s right to be free.

The Last Democratic President

The Last Democratic President

The riots in Baltimore are making it more and more obvious to anyone who care to pay attention that true progressivism, as defined through the actions of the leadership of that movement, is about control, is about kicking out the last remnant of resistance to the final transformation of America.  This transformation is designed to destroy the underlying value of the American political system, that individuals are sacred in and of themselves, that government is not intended to coerce the ‘right kind’ of discipleship from its citizens.
Your ideology demands you become the ‘right kind’ of disciple, one approved of by your party leadership.
For a long time I have been seeking to be ‘fair’, even in my opinion pieces (such as this is).  I will continue to take that perspective in news stories (which you can find on our news sites, American Freedomist and World Freedomist), but I will no longer do so in my opinion pieces.
We have reached a crescendo with the advance of progressivism and, I believe, we are only a few steps away from this ideology becoming the socially accepted, socially enforced norm of this nation.  If we complete this transformation, America the dream will be officially over.  There will be no possibility of reform, only a possibility of a new birth of a new expression of that noble ideal America will have never fully fulfilled, that individuals are sacred in and of themselves and that government is not here to manipulate people through the power of the government gun to embrace tee accepted beliefs of the elite few.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer at some point had to make a decision, to sound the alarm, no matter the cost, or remain silent to protect himself from the popular backlash.  He sounded the warning against the Nazis.  It is time for us to do the same with the true Progressive Party, the party of coercion and control, with members from both sides of the aisle.
For me, the Baltimore riots, the advance of the homosexual agenda, the naked aggression of this Presidency through regulation and executive action (a power that W Bush helped significantly to create), has all come to a head, to a point where we who see this for what it is need to stand up and be counted, come what may.
Whatever the cost to be paid, I want the people who come after me to count me among those who DID stand up and sound the alarm, who resisted the de-humanization of the individual, who defended the unfulfilled American dream, that all men and women are born free and have certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
The cost for speaking out is high, but the cost of remaining silent is unmeasurable.