atheist christmas coloring book attempts to remove Christ from his own birthday celebration

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The unofficial atheist church, which rules the education system and current ‘constitutional’ law, has released a ‘Christ-free’ Christmas coloring book.  This is equivalent to celebrating Hanukkah in a non-Jewish way, or fasting during Ramadan just to go on a diet.  The Atheists not only want Christians to stay behind closed doors and worship in private, but they also want to strip them of their most sacred holidays, like removing Christ from a holiday that celebrates HIS BIRTH.  This story comes from Foxnation and contains a telling comment from a Christian who had an interesting interaction with an atheist, who wanted their ‘stuff’ without the God stuff included in it:


Atheist Christmas.

Sounds like a misnomer, perhaps.

Well, not if you follow the thinking of the “Atheist Christmas Coloring Book” which has been created for families “who want to enjoy a Christmas holiday free from religion.”

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So, I work on a collaborative effort with 6 other Christian churches in our community to provide food, gifts, and cleaning products to needy families – we’ve got over 1700 this year. Those in need sign up and a family from one of the churches “adopts” the family and provides the items. While volunteering to accept applications, a time-consuming process, a man walked up and said “this year, I don’t want you giving my kids any Christmas books with Jesus in it.” I asked why and he said his family were atheists. Being, well….me, I couldn’t let that go, I questioned why he was at this location signing up for service that was being provided by the heartfelt generosity of Christians in celebration of one of our most sacred times of year, the birth of our Savior. He informed me that he wasn’t a believer but “deserved” the “stuff”. I told him we include books with every donation and if he is concerned that he should go sign up to receive assistance from his local atheist group. He threatened to have the ACLU look into our group if he received books this year. Not a problem I said and crumpled up his application and threw it away. He was…..let’s say “unhappy” as an understatement. I told him that this is a private group, a service provided by Christians, for Christians and that perhaps he should find another source for his meaningless “stuff”, because all our donations come with the “spirit” of the season, including prayers and blessings from each congregation.

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