The need to call Americans back toward a fulfillment of our shared manifest destiny, intended by God for this land and the peoples within it, will remain great until it is fulfilled. Whatever outcomes are obtained in any election race, for instance, we cannot rest or let up. The battles in this war to fulfill our destiny and vanquish our foes cannot stop, neither can our efforts to find and improve all the gaps for freedom we can.

What is our manifest destiny?

It is to fulfill our spiritual constitution based on our core ideals, as understood from a Judeo-Christian perspective: Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. Hereby we become a Commonwealth of united, popular, and democratic republics.

Unity in diversity is basically a pluralism rooted in some common beliefs and values, such as freedom and tolerance but also civic and moral standards that tend toward justice for all.

Popular sovereignty balances individual and God-given sovereignty with shared sovereignty through some form of consensual decision-making process, beyond just voting in elections.

Democratic equality is the perfect democracy of merit, free enterprise, governed by equality of protection under law and equal opportunity and treatment, without favor or prejudice.

Rule of law is a balance of God’s laws as we understand them individually, of the laws of nature, of the ways of freewill covenant association, and of laws enacted in some form of popular way through votes and concensus, for the good of all and equally applied fairly to all and in a redemptive manner.

When a structure of governance or even a relationship harmonizes all four core ideals together, it is likely to bear good fruit that empowers and liberates people. When any of these ideals are neglected, bad fruit is the result.

Our manifest destiny is also to become a true “freedom empire” based on the virtues of a voluntary faith and our core ideals, based on liberty as defined by the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights and, and independence through individual and mutual self-determination, self-reliance, free association, and free enterprise.

Finally, our manifest destiny is to become the cradle of a new freedom civilization, based on a Judeo-Christian worldview, and founded on a purely freewill covenant association basis, that will offer hope to people all over the world and be an advocate for freedom in general.

The basis of this civilization is God who created us and the pefecf fractal of human civilization, a family with children raised in a loving home by their own biological parents all supported by the maternal enclosure of extended family and freewill association community. This is our core essence as a culture, that most all the time children are raised by their own biological parents. We achieve this through free association, not through laws and the state.

In this manner America can become a Upadarian Commonwealth, again regardless of the name, consisting of multiple entities such as each state as a Union of Popular and Democratic Republics and other entities that aren’t landed territorial sovereignties, but national peoples as domestic nations. This freedom empire would devolve most political and economic power to individuals, families and extended families, free associations, communities, private societies or domestic nations, and then the counties and states.

Cronyism, quasi-feudalism, state monopoly, and all forms of democratic or other socialism cannot offer economic liberty and empowerment, therefore they must be prevented from being imposed on anyone in this land. Voluntary free association and free enterprise are sufficient for all economic development and activity and, bounded by laws to prevent fraud and abuse, would provide maximum benefits to all.

Ours would be a free, pluralistic, and prosperous society reigning in every town and neighborhood and leaving nobody behind. There may be many nations of people within this land, but these nations of people would both enjoy their own ability to privately organize for their own welfare and yet be fully and equally appreciated and respected within our entire Commonwealth.

Almost 90% of everything America can be and fulfill is all about voluntary freewill association between individuals at the local, familial, and community scale. The reliance of some on government to even fulfill “good” ends like these had led to politocracy, where politics rules all and few actually rule politics.

When or if America is fulfilled, politics will be a bit player in our lives and mega corporations will find it impossible to lord it over us through monopoly and other means of control. A true free association and free enterprise economy, a free marketplace of ideas and goods and services bounded by equitable laws of fairness and decency, would make almost, if not everyone, prosperous. Through charity and mostly local and mutual assurance social safety nets, nobody would be left behind.

The true remnant of Americans who truly embrace this manifest destiny have God and history on their side IF they will act unilaterally and together on a voluntary and freewill association basis toward this vision for our land and its people. If they won’t, then this land and country and its peoples will be overthrown and others will fulfill such manifest destiny in this and/or other lands.

America itself is at risk of becoming a spiritual corpse because we who know better aren’t stepping up to the field of battle with our armor on. We are letting this happen, it’s not something caused by others outside our control. If enough Americans embraced God’s manifest destiny for this land and its peoples, then God would give us wise and good rulers of good repute who would protect us, not lord it over us.

It’s not enough to vote, in fact there are better ways to fulfill this in your life and community through more voluntary means.

If and when God allows fools and charlatans to have power in any land, it is a rebuke and warning to its peoples to turn to Him, to seek His ways and will in a voluntary manner (not through laws forcing people into submission).

Even IF fools and charlatans are given power by God, even in that event, if we seek Him and obey Him, whatever pestilence and sorrow these ungodly craven wretches do to lord it over everyone else, it will not come into your life or house.

You can be free and prosperous in this land if your life harmonizes with that which God intends. But even if you yourself are saved by Grace, if you choose not to embrace what God has for this land, you will suffer in the flesh as all the people in this land do, though your soul will always be safe.

I can say, even if the name I propose and believe God proposes is ultimately not used, that America can become a UPDR Commonwealth (UPaDaRian Commonwealth) and the cradle of a globally distributed Christian civilization called the Upadarian Civilization. Again, I’ll not quibble over the name, it’s more important that the ideals and vision for our manifest destiny be right in God’s eyes.

America is good. It is good because of its core ideals, because of its concept of freedom rooted in virtue, liberty, and independence, and because of its ability to become a freedom empire and the cradle of a new civilization. To walk toward that manifest destiny should be the personal goal of every American of every race or ancestry. Looking back to accuse, divide, and shame while veering off the course of our manifest destiny denies the essence of America and makes you a spiritual traitor to this land and its people.

America is good. We embrace that not out of ignorance of flaws and contradictions or hypocrisy in the past or present but because we see and love America’s manifest destiny as something we want for our future, in our lives, and in this land. We don’t look back to failure, beyond lessons learned, we look forward to fulfillment.

Whenever any person or group of people in this land rejects this manifest destiny, they deny and remove themselves from America itself in a spiritual sense, they cease being collaborators in our grand experiment of freedom and make themselves grave diggers of our Commonwealth.

Spiritually, albeit not legally, they become quislings, seeking a foreign and alien system that, if successful, would end the very existence of America as God intends it to be: a freedom empire and a cradle of a new civilization governed by a unique spiritual constitution.

America has a manifest destiny, we should look to that, and not the past to guide us into a glorious future!