By William Collier- God is not punishing America, we are destroying our country ourselves because the path to prosperity and peace, which is to fulfill our manifest destiny as an empire of liberty, has been forgotten and betrayed at every level by us.

Our manifest destiny is to follow the core ideals of a new civilization as our spiritual constitution.

It is to pursue and uphold freedom based on virtue, liberty, and independence.

It is to fulfill liberty for all without prejudice or favor based on the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights.

It is to be a pure meritocracy with a free exchange of goods and services based on freewill association.

It is to be a Union of free peoples and nations as well as independent and sovereign ward republics with maximum power in the hands of individuals, families, free associations, and local communities, in that order, and minimal power in the states and then the Federal government. Our empire of liberty was meant to be massively decentralized.

It is to be a color-blind society of equals in value before God, where merit determines status and results, but where nobody is left behind, including the poor and needy.

It is to be culture wherein all the norms and standards tend toward a place where most all children are raised by their biological or adopted parents who form a lifelong marital bond in a loving and nurturing home environment. It is to be a culture wherein this family home is nurtured by extended family and communities of trust based on freewill association and not coercion.

Laws do not create and cannot impose this culture, but they must never be allowed to undermine it, much less demonize it as they are beginning to now. Those who embrace this perfect fractal of human civilization, the nuclear and extended family within a freewill community of trust, are ostracized and ridiculed and practically outlawed.

Our core ideals, those of the new civilization meant to be born in this land as the old civilization becomes senile and corrupt, are a balance of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law understood from a Judeo-Christian perspective and in harming with our concepts of freedom for all.

This is the Freedomist vision for America. This is a positive vision of hope and happiness which everyone in this land can benefit from. In this vision, all are made richer but those who exploit and cheat to gain wealth at the expense of others will have no power.

This is the America made possible by the dreams of our founders, an America that even goes beyond their wildest imagination and the limits of their era. It is America Fulfilled in a way our Founders did not fully understand was possible but that they would applaud.

The cancel America crowd hates this because they are drawn to a dream of violence and dominion over others in their own craven and archaic lust for massive central control. Their empty promises and bogeymen fears are only a means to fool and manipulate the population into submission, their true aim is self-aggrandizement.

Against their dark and authoritarian vision is this pure and glorious vision of America fulfilled. Rather than pretend America is bad, we know America is good but can be better only if we return to the path of manifest destiny. If we don’t return to this path, our Union will be broken and our country will be ended. If we return to this path, then our best days lie ahead of us.

But at this hour we face a crisis. We see an election result many doubt and many fear.

I strongly doubt the election results, due to many irregularities and statistical anomalies. The more the DNC Press scream and howl “conspiracy theory”, the more I suspect they are part of the fix. This isn’t proof and we demand proof, even if we suspect something is wrong.

I also think it is possible Biden really won, it is possible over 50% of voters in this country are either supportive of the cancel America loons who run the Democratic Party or are blissfully ignorant of the true nature of this Party and its rather authoritarian agenda.

Either way, whether through legerdemain or outright fraud on one hand or the ignorance of voters on the other hand, the “democratic” process has shown itself to be an inferior way to govern a country. Without any merit-based tests of Electors or of candidates for public office, you end up with corruption and authoritarianism. I don’t see how we could introduce such tests now, so the focus is on urging people to choose a path of moral clarity and in pursuit of our manifest destiny.

Our officials, our processes, our institutions, and our population are all equally corrupt on a spiritual and moral basis to a substantial degree that warrants the judgment of God Himself. I am not saying God is judging or punishing us, we are doing all the harm ourselves to ourselves.

Do we expect or demand God’s blessing and protection upon a land whose people are morally and spiritually compromised to the core?

Consider the church world’s response. Many are clinging to prophecies of hope, and we do not know the final results of this election. But what these prophecies lack, regardless of the final results, even if massive fraud is proven and Trump wins, is any call to holiness and repentance for this land. They embrace the idea that everything is going to be OK, that good will triumph, almost without effort.

What do these prophecies call us to do? Nothing, really. God will do everything and we seem to be just observers. Now sometimes things happen that way, but I can see no precedent for such unconditional blessing without a call to repentance and truth.

Let me be blunt and unpopular: President Trump’s policies may generally be more or less pro-freedom in the main, but the man is a crude, rude, sef-absorbed cad. His character doesn’t inspire confidence. He is no King David who, though flawed, was humble and repented of his sins openly, something we rarely ever get from the President.

If he lost on the margins it is because, despite most people more or less agreeing with most of his policies, a significant enough number of those people were too put off by his character to render him their support.

But if Trump is flawed, Biden and Harris are positively akin to quisling Philistines who are on a race to sacrifice the entire country to their rainbow gods and false religion of woke authoritarianism. These people are beneath all contempt and are morally and spiritually reprehensible: their agenda and characters are an abomination before all Creation.

Trump is a cad, but he is not anything near as reprehensible as the other team. And as for Pence, the man is as upright and humble as any King David could be.

The fact the likes of Biden and Harris trounced in places like California, New York, and New Jersey and the fact they got 50% or more of the popular vote shows the moral rot and decadence of this country. We are a borderline irredeemable country of morally backwards and foolish people whose only god is our selfish craven lust for pleasure and immediate gratification.

I have not given up the fight. America can only be saved from disaster if we see three things happen at once:

  • spiritual renewal through adoption of faith starting with those who claim to have faith, especially Christians and observant Jews
  • repentance and renouncement of immorality including everything from how we treat the family and how we treat the poor (not by laws, solely by choice)
  • return to our commitmwnt to America’s manifest destiny as an empire of liberty based on four core ideals and the Bill of Rights

Even if these immoral cretins, Biden and Harris, are installed by hook or by crook, if God should allow it, all is not lost. This should be a wakeup call to all Americans, especially those who claim to follow Jehovah, the God of the Jews and the Christians, but all citizens of this land.

At the very least, regardless of your relgious beliefs, you must throw off your partisanship and Party affiliation and you must discover, embrace, and fight to renew our commitment to America’s manifest destiny as an empire of liberty where all can prosper through free exchange and merit, without favor or prejudice.

For instance, we don’t need free government health care to ensure that nobody is left uncared for because of money. A prosperous and generous society has abundance and benevolence, therefore all will be taken care of without the need for wealth confiscation or giving power to the few at the expense of the wealth and rights of the many.

But a selfish and immoral population being taxed and regulated into compliance will really only see health care quality for all drop and the few benefit at the expense of the many.

America has a heart and soul problem, not a political problem. If we can invigorate the American spirit and revive and advance along the path of manifest destiny, then nobody, not even Biden and Harris, whose gods are the modern version of the gods of the Philistines, can truly succeed in their cancel America extremism.

But if we refuse this path, then not even Lincoln resurrected could prevent the calamity we are creating with our own hands.

I am hopeful and work toward a revival of our corporate commitment to America’s manifest destiny. That is my aim for my country.

Whatever your relgious beliefs, or even if you have none, you can embrace this manifest destiny on the basis of our core ideals, our dream of being an empire of liberty, and our commitment to the principles of freedom, which include liberty based on the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights for all without favor or prejudice of any kind.

Any proposal or policy that contradicts or draws us away from our manifest destiny will make us poor, less free, and less at peace. It will lead to our destruction and the end of our Union. To raise the banner of and work toward the fulfillment of our true manifest destiny must become our passion.

This is the Freedomist vision for America.