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Our new book, America Fulfilled, is going to be FREE in PDF.

It is important that we get this out to at least 1 million activists spread across all 435 Congressional Districts and Washington DC within its first 60 days.

This book could change the 2020 election because it provides a clear vision to rally Americans around our manifest destiny as a free people.

For every sponsoring member who joins our Freedomist Online Club for only $45/year we can reach 1,000 to 5,000 people. We have a network of social media properties and websites to leverage paid advertising to its maximum effect.

We can get this book in the hands of 1 million activists and we can change the course of this country from ruin to renewal!

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The Freedomist Movement stands with leaders like President Trump who align with an agenda based on preserving our Union and advancing our manifest destiny of freedom.

The American Freedomist Movement can be the next great movement for freedom in America.

What would America Fulfilled look like if The Freedomist Movement achieved its aims?

We would respect and enforce liberty for ALL according to the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights!

We would follow a Judeo-Christian interpretation of our spritual constitution based on the UPDR Ideals of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law.

We would have a freedom economy based on people-powered Capitalism which is the only true form of equitable democracy!

We would witness the demarxification of every one of our national institutions.

America FULFILLED would be a Union of spiritually sovereign individuals governing local Freedom Shires and of Free Domestic Nations within a truly free and pluralistic society and a freedom economy based on capitalism without the cronies or the socialists to impede anything.

We are at war. A vicious and violent cancel culture revolution is underway, funded by corporate overlords and executed by their neomarxist mobs and unfree press.

We must fight back.

But how.

We Freedomists propose solutions, IN ADDITION TO supporting good candidates for public office.

– Creating our own national network of truly FREE local people-powered free press operations

– Creating a national network of Freedomist Clubs to offer mutual support and camaraderie to fellow Freedomists

– Working to transform local communities into Freedom Shires through a plegde of allegiance by voters and people who hold a public trust to the Bill of Rights

– Creating our own mirror structure, the Freedomist Congress, both to govern our movement and to mirror and engage our real-world counterparts in every major national institution

– Creating a local to national Freedomist Guard as a sort of spiritual air force to show up in mass online and on the streets to expose, confront, and defeat the left’s war on freedom

Who are we?

We are mostly Christians, Jews and other freedom-minded people who desire to preserve our Union.

We believe in and embrace America’s manifest destiny as the cradle of a new civilization and as an empire of liberty.

We love America, support freedom for all human beings, promote and practice Capitalism, support the state of Israel, are pro-life, desire equitable justice and equal opportunity for all persons, want free trade that isn’t controlled by cronies or socialists, and believe in and love our country!

Our motto is, “Union and Freedom Forever!”

We will not surrender one spot of our country, not one neighborhood, not one institution or office, to the dark forces of this anti-American, anti-freedom cancel culture revolution!

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