Rick Renzi- Ask yourself what would cause a woman to travel from sunny southern California to cold bitter Washington, D.C. for a political rally? Why would a 14-year Air force Vet with a high level security clearance, emotionally ascend up the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. along with a huge group of her fellow Americans in protest?

Minutes later, as she lay there with a gaping hole blown in her chest, shot by a Capitol security officer, Ashli Babbitt’s blood would run out in seemingly mute defiance of the status quo and business as usual in Washington D.C.. Ashli had climbed on a ledge next to the doors of the entrance to the Congressional chamber, and was almost immediately killed by a pistol shot: this use of lethal force remains highly questionable and the officer is on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Yet her fellow Americans carried on with their emphatic complaint and stormed the Capitol. What could fuel such unrest in a professional woman who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq and who had a loving family and husband at home in California?

The “outraged” establishment and their running dog lackeys in the press decry all of this and condemn it. Certain it didn’t need to come to this, some of the actions of the protesters were outlandish. But the double-standard is gross and cannot be ignored: if these would have been leftists no condemnation would have happened.

The hard left liberals and establishment Republicans blame the President. But the truth was spoken by Willian Gladstone years ago…”Justice delayed is Justice denied.” The political blame game fuels the unrest and upheaval that will not go away. Ignoring this and telling angry people to just sit down and shut up is never the answer. We may say certain things are out of bounds, but we must also address the issue at hand.

John Roberts and the self worshiping black-robed oracles of the Supreme court who refused to even hear the evidence of voter fraud brought by the President’s legal team add to the unrest. State, local officials, and especially the biased yellow journalists who claim there is no evidence at all of voter fraud add gasoline to the smoldering fire.

Americans see for themselves the videos of boxes filled with ballots being pulled out or even delivered by the truck loads under cover of darkness. A select few poll workers are seen filling out ballots as unaudited machines produce electronic spikes in one-sided votes at 3 am.

There are thousands of affidavits, signed under penalty of perjury, with claims of dead people voting, out of state people voting, illegal immigrants voting, voters who stayed home voting.

Add this all up and you begin to see why voters justifiably feel cast aside and thrown under the weight of the corrupt political machine which has grounded them into nothingness. Ashli Babbitt’s brother said of his sister…”If you feel you gave your whole life to serve your country and you’re not being listened too, that’s a hard pill to swallow.”

“A hard pill to swallow” is more than being generous to the failures of leadership and justice denied. Pelosi and the hard left know there is more anger out there and it is growing. Their puppet henchmen in the media have already started to drag Ashli and smear her background.

With lies and smears, they are trying to win over the undecided masses just as some Americans begin to view her life and death as the beginning of a freedom movement, a patriotic cause that will one day lead to justice and confidence in our election system.

Freedom is not always pretty and quiet, it can be messy and loud. In the 1800s the blood of a Congressman who engaged in a pistol dual still calls out from the grounds of the Capitol. Inside the Capitol the marble steps are stained with a legislator’s blood who argued and was shot by a fellow member.

The cloak room on the floor of the House itself is filled with stories of fist fights between Congressmen, which I myself have witnessed. I share all this with you too try and communicate the reality that its not going to go “gently into the night” as the D.C. Senate frat boys would like.

More American’s will come forward.

On a local level in Arizona, Americans are stepping up to develop a system of checks and controls over voter fraud. Even some Democrats are working together with Republicans to find a way to fix the broken system which has exposed that the greatest democracy in the world can’t even run an election properly.

Some of those involved in the cheating even realize that using and manipulating citizens who have been entrusted with the sacred ballot, in the future will be thoroughly inspected.

Trump exposed the corrupt FBI and DOJ during the Russian hoax, and for the next 100 years, if an FBI agent shows up at your door you won’t trust them. This may be sad, but the FB’Is loss of face and trust is owing to its own continued institutional failures.

American’s trust in their elections is also fractured and this demands that action is taken to fix the corrupt voting process.

It truly is a “hard pill to swallow,” one that has resulted in violence and bloodshed, with more to come, if leaders do nothing but spew fancy words to cover it up and the corrupt media inflames the situation with their puppet show parroting of Democratic talking points.

Working together at the local level is the solution. Real Americans relying on each other, applying American ingenuity and creative solutions to bring honesty and transparency to the fraud deniers and fix the broken system, there is no other way forward.

– Rick Renzi. former U.S. Congressman.