The Rise of the People and The Decline and Fall of the Political Class

The following is an appeal to ALL freedom-minded Americans who believe in freedom based on voluntary godliness, individual and local self-reliance, and individual and local self-determination. In a nation where only 28% of the People believe their government has the consent of the governed, it is clear that the days of a free ride for the political class are running out.

This appeal provides ideas an insights, we do not care if people use our terms or join our online groups or mailing list, we invite this but this is not about us. People need to realize that the Progressive War On Freedom is now in the street, it is being waged through the journolist media and unelected bureaucrats, and it is even being waged against parents in the classroom.


Never before in our nation’s history, not since the 1700’s, has the class of people who have the most reach, access, and control over wealth (whether private or public) been so far out of alignment with the consensus and interests of The People as it is now.

THIS IS the reason why over 64% of American voters reject the very notion that “public employees”, who think they are the “new nobility”, should not even be organized as a “union.’

The ruling class include those who have the greatest reach in terms of getting their message out, those who, in the main, have the greatest access to decision-makers or decision-making powers, and the greatest control over wealth, including private wealth and the public wealth controlled by bureaucrats and officials, the “new nobility.”

GOVERNMENT AND ROBBER BARON ‘TRUSTS’ CONTROL TOO MUCH WEALTH- While this ruling class may go after particular groups, even competing members and cabals within their class, what is not noticed by many is the real wealth locked up in government controlled lands and natural resources and the massive untapped reserves of wealth bottled up in countless “trusts” and “foundations” which were largely the results of robber baron activities in the late 19th century which have been inherited by families and by others who have wormed their way into the club!

Fight the Progressives and their WAR ON FREDOM, Join THE FREEDOMIST COMMUNITY

The march of history is such that when we reach a point like we have now BACK!

The ruling classes, however they are constituted or defined, are on the path of decline and fall while the People, in their power to RULE over the nation, are rising to a state of dominance, which they will take from the ruling class, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

The Progressive War On Freedom attempts to popularize the ruling elite’s true agenda by promoting dependence and dumbing the People down through their journolist media and progressive plantation education!

This centralized approach is running its course and winding itself down to collapse. These are historical processes, they are the patterns and pathways that history normally follows, and when the overwhelming interests and consensus of most of the People in most cases is contrary to the interests and consensus of the ruling class then a showdown is looming. In this inevitable showdown the ruling classes have neither the manpower nor the courage to win.

Things may indeed get uglier before they get better and the ruling classes may seem to become more powerful before they start to lose their footing, but, in the end, the inevitable conclusion is always the same- the People Rule and the ruling classes lose!

There is no question that the ruling classes are doomed, they will lose their status, including their reach, their access, and their control over wealth, but at what cost to the nation, the People, and themselves?

Will members of the ruling classes simply recognize the writing on the wall and join the People as part of them or will members of the ruling classes stand in the path to real progress, try and keep their power, and face such wrath as might endanger more than just their status, but their very freedom?

So far, the Progressives, who defend and are bought and paid for by the Ruling Classes, are answering the historical march towards freedom by waging war on freedom.

The ruling classes and the petty nobility of public employees in America are not interested in what the People think or want. They believe that the People can be fooled or convinced to go along with whatever the ruling classes and their petty nobility think is best. Indeed they believe that they are serving the People even if the People “don’t understand” because they are not educated enough or familiar enough with the “nuances” of governing a nation or reporting the news.

Progressive ruling elite and petty nobolity are waging a war on your freedom!

While you and I cannot directly control or influence how this will all play out, if we are aware of the dangers and the risks we must also see where the opportunities and the new possibilities lie.

We must be prepared to think in very local terms and ask the question, “what can just 20 or so families who are knit together in the cause of freedom do together to more effectively preserve their rights, their persons, and their property from violators of all sorts even in an environment of growing government interventions or upheaval?”

The short answer is A WHOLE LOT! Just 20 or so families so knit together as our Founding Fathers were in a mutual pledge to uphold their rights, persons, and property against all sorts of violators can effectively change the entire social- political, and economic dynamic in any local of 10,000 or so households! A “Popular Freehold”, if you will, of 20 or so people can radically increase the level and quality of local freedom!

If such “Popular Freeholds” act intentionally, courageously, and wisely in a concerted and cohesive manner and on a consistent basis they can undo years of the indoctrination and dumbing down by ruling class institutions in as short a time as 3-6 months, and they can create a local consensus in favor of the principles of Freedomism which is reflected in the voters and their local officials in a substantial manner!

Join THE FREEDOMIST COMMUNITY and start your own local “Popular Freehold”!

It is ONLY through a deliberate, street level campaign in YOUR neighborhood that we can see a transfer of power and wealth from the ruling classes to the People in a peaceful and orderly manner that does not lead to upheavals and that can stop he advance of the ruling class in its tracks, almost IMMEDIATELY!

We call the organizers of such street level activities “Freedom Fire Brigades” and the groups who come together to defend freedom on the streets “Freedom Mobs.” The OTHER side has its union mobs, we need our own Freedom Mobs!

This does not require that you call your congressman or write letters to the editors, the focus is much more narrow, and yet we will all need to support a nationwide campaign that will help people establish groups like this (freedom Mobs, Freedom Fire Brigades, and even Popular Freeholds) in EVERY SINGLE US Congressional District.

You can be sure that The Freedomist will be working to promote, encourage, and advertise ANY AND ALL such local groups and national organizations that take up this idea, in their own unique way!


Imagine this: you personally know 20 or so other local people who are willing to back you up if or when your rights, your person, or your property are threatened!

You COULD wake up knowing that at least 20 other families within your immediate locale are not only committed to standing up as one for YOUR rights, your person, and your property should you face any violations of your freedom. 

Whatever your present circumstances, you must know the truth and believe it- you are not stuck with those circumstances, they can be changed!

Join THE FREEDOMIST COMMUNITY and start your own Freedom Fire Brigade and your own Freedom Mob!

If you buy into the lie that circumstances cannot be changed, what have you but hopelessness and despair?

If you agree with the ruling classes that you are powerless, than why not just surrender all your rights, the safety and sanctity of your life, and all your property right now?

If you don’t think people who disagree with what freedom is TODAY can be convinced of the truth tomorrow, then don’t EVER try to pursuade anyone about anything!

Perhaps you think that the ruling classes and the petty nobility of public employees are going after “those people” and not you, perhaps you do not realize how truly wrong this is, because you do not know that the ruling classes will not ever stop until they OWN YOU and everyone else!

They will not stop at anything, even harrassing people in their homes in a blatant act of political intimidation that is usually seen as an outright threat to that person’s family, property, or very life.

Greed knows no bounds, it doesn’t stop until it meets effective resistance, and even then it must ultimately be so disempowered as to become nothing more than a fantasy that has no chance of being achieved!

Taking away the petty nobility’s “collective bargaining” power to overthrow elections and impose their anti-American, godless, Progressive ideology on children, is a first step towards ending the emnslavement of millions by the Progressive Slave Machine!

This is where the Popular Freehold of 20 or so families in ONE locale comes into play: it exploits a critical and glaring weakness which the ruling class cannot ever correct.

Join THE FREEDOMIST COMMUNITY and get daily news and updates on the ongoing firght for freedom AGAINST the Progressive War On Freedom!

So long as the battle for freedom is waged on a statewide or national scale, the ruling classes have all the right resources and they control where, how, and when the battles will be fought. They are very strong and almost impregnable at the state and national level. They are, in short, like the “death star”, on a planetary scale that thing was unstoppable!


Like the death star, the ruling class relies on massive scale structures, like the national “news media”, the petty officials and national organizations such as Unions or other huge organizations which nobody can really control from below, and the powers of the government, the education establishment, and the entertainment industry. They don’t “conspire”, they act naturally in their own greedy self-interest and they often find that working together against the People, even with competing members of their classes, is easier than fighting one another.

What happens,. However, when, instead of a giant fleet meant to oppose the ruling classes in their death star, we rely on a mysterious FORCE, the march of history, and we send in a few brave fighters to hit the enemy in their most vulnerable areas?

That area is the LOCALITY. At the local level, the ruling classes cannot use any more power and influence than what 20 cohesive families can use. Each locale is like Thermopylae, a narrow chokepoint where even the largest army can only send in so many troops.

The weapon is the truth, but not some whining about ‘the evil ruling class’- the TRUTH we need people to see is that THE PEOPLE RULE, and to teach them, we need only our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. TEACH your neighbors about these two documents, and the INTENT of the framers, and then show them that THEY OWN THE GOVERNMENT in their community, then teach them how to USE THEIR POWER to ensure that ALL their local officials abide by the principles of Freedomism!

If you convince just ONE or TWO other families in your neighborhood to learn the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and to take a PLEDGE or Mutual Support, you will quickly find this number grow to at least 20 in your immediate locale. Some locales may be tougher than others, but NO locale is beyond reach or hopeless: this includes rural farmlands and gang infested inner cities neighborhoods, and it includes all ethnic and socio-economic groups of every sort. In EVERY community of around 30,000 people (about 10,000 families) we can find AT LEAST 100 families who would be willing to take a stand for freedom in their locale, and for one another!

Take an inner city community. A Popular Freehold of 20 or so families in a neighborhood might establish a “Freedom Corps” of young men trained in civil defense and community policing to stand up to gangs and help local families defend themselves and their property from these thugs, once and for all. With a national network behind them, others from similar communities who have succeeded in this effort can come to help a particularly beleaguered group.


Gangs and lying politicians are the same- they deceive and intimidate but, in reality, they are like cockroaches who scurry away when the LIGHT is turned on. Popular Freeholds can effectively turn that light on and they can call on help and assistance from outside their locale if they are connected to a network of such groups.

The focus, however, is and must remain the LOCAL GROUP and its efforts to TAKE BACK their own community for THEIR OWN FREEDOM. If we preserve our freedom in OUR community against an y and all violations of our rights, our persons, or our property then we will pass this inheritance of a Popular Freehold, a holding of freedom where the People truly rule their own lives and communities, on to our children and it will endure for generations!

What does it mean to be a Freedomist? It means you want to take the most noble and eternally valid truths and principles which we see embodied in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, and the HERITAGE of freedom founded on Christian virtue, self-reliance, and local self-government, and not only LIVE IT but positively assert it and defend “against all enemies”, whether they be foreign or domestic, private or public!

Freedomist Communities will allow you to connect, to learn, and to become informed and it will allow you to experience freedom as an individual and with people in a small group living near you, so that instead of being frustrated about what national and state level institutions are doing or not doing, you can be liberated from their reach as your locale become more and more “Freedomist” in its outlook and in the way your local officials govern and conduct their business.

This is the story of the starfish on the beach, where we see MANY communities and locale and families that are not walking in Freedom as our Founders intended, as indeed our Creator intended, and we become sad and hopeless thinking “how can I EVER help ALL those starfish get back into the waters of Freedom?”

You are not responsible for the WHOLE beach, you are responsible for YOUR starfish, the one at YOUR feet, which is YOUR family, YOUR neighborhood, YOUR church, and etc. You can show them what the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is all about, and you can ask them which vision they prefer: the one where we are FREE or the one where ruling classes take more and more of our wealth and our freedom while promising us results we all know they cannot possibly produce.