Black Thursday- Will John Brown Ride Against The GOP Plantation Owners?

January 26, 2012 may become known as the beginning of the beginning of the end of the end of the establishment plantation’s hold over the freedom-seeking electorate. The freedom-seeking electorate (we call them “Freedomists”) understand and value life, the family, our Christian moral heritage, a fair and competitive free market, our Union of Popular and Democratic REPUBLICS, and a strong, prosperous, and free America that has achieved food, energy, and manufacturing independence.

On Thursday, January 26, 2012 the sky opened and, from the fonts of so-called “conservative media”, a barrage of outright lies, told in blazing sensational headlines, descended on one Newt Gingrich’s head. At one point the former conservative icon Matt Drudge had 14 such headlines scrawled all over his website, shocking people by its outright slanderous nature and blatant bias to help the establishment’s puppet, Mitt Romney.

The real issue is not this campaign, it is not about Romney or Gingrich or any one person; the real issue is the long night freedom-seekers have suffered as un-thanked and un-rewarded slaves on the establishment’s cleverly devised plantation. For the first time, all pretense is gone: the GOP as a plantation, true freedom-seekers as slaves, and the real plantation owners as well as their favorite “house slaves” were revealed against the clear backdrop of this ceaseless attack on someone that many (but no all) freedom-seekers saw as their BEST chance at freeing America from the Progressive freedom-takers.

Elliot Abrams led the attack with outright lies about Newt’s record as Speaker of the House: this once highly regarded man surrendered his reputation in service of the establishment agenda. He and the so-called “conservative” outlets who touted his bilge were exposed as house slaves.

Then there is the rallying of the “masters” to their puppet- the Bush family, Bob Dole, Karl Rove, all the top GOP “leaders”, and the like. This coterie of defenders showed the world that they were not happy with this slave uprising! They would treat Newt Gingrich like John Brown and teach the rest of us a lesson we’d never forget.

Finally, we saw who the slaves are: freedom-seekers who are expected to make defeating Obama so much of a priority that they give their money, time, resources and votes (the fruits of their labor out in the fields) to WHOMEVER the establishment picks as their new “boss”. The very notion that we, the slaves, could strike out on our own and urge our fellow Americans to stand behind our agenda, instead of just a person, is met with derision.

John Brown rose up in righteous indignation against the idea that some people could own other people, but it remains to be seen whether a “John Brown” freedom-seeker will rise up and lead the slaves off of the plantation, or even what that might look like. We can be certain that what happened on January 26, 2012, and what is ongoing, has the potential of igniting a slave rebellion that could be far more successful in the 21st century than John Brown’s failed attempt in the 19th century.