The future is micro, possibly even state, as in micro-states, in the very realest sense of the term.

Case in point, the intrigue surrounding the LLC called Blockchains, a corpostate attempt to get ahead of a potentially new emerging pattern of human organizing, creating self-sustaining, intention-designed, holistically integrated urban spaces for new living.

Corpostates would like to hive us off onto their Intellectual-Property-Protected concentrations of power rather than create open source variations of emergent urban alternatives that reflect decentralized diversities, not continued homogenized sameness dependent on a monopolistically-controlled system.

Months before Blockchains LLC lobbied the Legislature to create its own county, – www.nnbw.com


Blockchains, which bought about 67,000 acres in and around the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center in 2018, briefed lawmakers this month on plans to develop “Painted Rock Smart City.” To do so, Blockchains wants Nevada to create “Innovation Zones,” a pathway for large-scale developers focused on technology to break away from existing counties if they make major investments.

Sisolak backed the concept in his State of the State speech earlier this year, singling out the company, which has donated thousands to the governor and other politicians (Blockchains and its CEO Jeffrey Berns also have donated to The Nevada Independent, which discloses all donors).

“Following the passage of my Innovation Zone legislation,” Sisolak said in January, “Blockchains LLC has committed to make an unprecedented investment in our state to create a smart city in northern Nevada that would fully run on blockchain technology — making Nevada the epicenter of this emerging industry and creating the high-paying jobs and revenue to go with it.”