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Did Team Biden Just Signal Their Willingness to Let China Win?  – Editor’s Choice Report

It looks like Team Biden, which is Corpostate Nationalist America (as opposed to Bill of Rights America), is once again sending mixed signals regarding China as Biden mouthpiece Anthony Blinken says in a CBS 60 Minutes Interview that, on one hand China threatens civil discouse between nation-states while at the same time he says that the Biden administration won’t be holding back China, meaning, the administration won’t impede China’s fascistic efforts to dominate the world using market authoritarianism, mostly because he serves masters that benefit from this unholy alliance.

After Saying Biden Won’t ‘Hold Back China,’ Blinken Admits the Obvious – RedState- Right – redstate.com

From redstate.com Excerpt:  Toss Secretary of State Antony Blinken into the mix and it gets really confusing.

Such was the case on Sunday with Blinken’s wide-ranging interview on 60 Minutes with host Norah O’Donnell. In addition to discussing winding down the war in Afghanistan, the Biden Border Crisis, the interview was focused on recent Chinese aggression, China’s growing economy and related growing influence, and whether the Communists in Beijing pose a threat to the United States — and the world.

In other words, the question of is “China going to eat our lunch?” We know what Joe thinks. At least along the campaign trail in May 2019, when his response to the mere suggestion was a sarcastic “C’mon, man.”

The CBS News website‘s attempt to frame the Blinken interview was laughable in its effort to portray not only the State Department but literally the “international order” in total ruins after four years of the Trump presidency:

To determine how the United States will deal with China’s growing influence, Mr. Biden has chosen one of his closest aides as secretary of state. It falls to Antony Blinken to rebuild a depleted and demoralized State Department, repair U.S. alliances and champion what diplomats call “the rules-based international order” — the written and unwritten code that governs how nations deal with one another. Rules that, he says, are now threatened by China.

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