It seems Asian Hate Crime is on the rise and Los Angeles’ Chinatown is letting the world know all about it.

These days, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, so hate crime rise against Asians could actually be a thing, or it could be a slight spike exaggerated to a catastrophe, or some point in between.  Either way, real or imagined, the story is a powerful one the CCP and the DNC will want to share, to soften the criticism against China to couch every critique against a literally fascist, racist regime as racism.

The Devil himself would be proud of such tricks.  Still, we cannot stress enough that individuals are not nations, or, for that matter, regimes.  No person who appears in any sense “Asian” deserves derision because of their biological realities alone.  For we Christians, it is sufficient to remember there is no more Greek or Jew for Christ is all and in all.

Judge the person, not the biology.

Rally Against Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Held in Chinatown – NBC Los Angeles – www.nbclosangeles.com

From www.nbclosangeles.com 2021-02-21 09:09:39 An approximately two-hour rally to raise awareness of rising violence against the Asian Pacific Islander community was held Friday at Los Angeles State Historic Park adjacent to Chinatown. “I’m fed up […]