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AI Algorithms Voting Marketing Human Conditioning

AI Algorithms Can Influence People’s Voting and Dating Decisions – scitechdaily.com

From scitechdaily.com PLOS Excerpt:  In a new series of experiments, artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms were able to influence people’s preferences for fictitious political candidates or potential romantic partners, depending on whether recommendations were explicit or covert. Ujué Agudo and Helena Matute of Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao, Spain, present these findings in the open-access journal PLOS ONE on April 21, 2021.

From Facebook to Google search results, many people encounter A.I. algorithms every day. Private companies are conducting extensive research on the data of their users, generating insights into human behavior that are not publicly available. Academic social science research lags behind private research, and public knowledge on how A.I. algorithms might shape people’s decisions is lacking.

To shed new light, Agudo and Matute conducted a series of experiments that tested the influence of A.I. algorithms in different contexts. They recruited participants to interact with algorithms that presented photos of fictitious political candidates or online dating candidates, and asked the participants to indicate whom they would vote for or message. The algorithms promoted some candidates over others, either explicitly (e.g., “90% compatibility”) or covertly, such as by showing their photos more often than others.

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New Directed Energy Device for Biomedical and Military Defense Applications – scitechdaily.com

From scitechdaily.com Purdue University Excerpt: An invention from Purdue University innovators may provide a new option to use directed energy for biomedical and defense applications. The Purdue invention uses composite-based nonlinear transmission lines (NLTLs) for a complete high-power microwave system, eliminating the need for multiple auxiliary systems. The interest in NLTLs has increased in the […]…

Nigeria Stopping the Rejection of Old or Torn USD Notes Underlines Why Crypto Is a Better Reserve Currency – Featured Bitcoin News – news.bitcoin.com

From news.bitcoin.com Terence Zimwara Excerpt: In early April 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) issued a circular warning Nigerian institutions to stop the practice of rejecting old or lower denomination USD notes. The CBN issued the warning after it became “inundated with complaints from members of the public on the rejection of such notes […]…

Newly Discovered Immune Cell Function Vital to Healing May Lead to Treatments for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases – scitechdaily.com

From scitechdaily.com Uppsala University Excerpt: Macrophages (green) accumulate around blood vessels in damaged tissue to regulate blood flow. Credit: David Ahl Cardiovascular disease, the most common cause of death, is the result of oxygen deprivation as blood perfusion to affected tissue is prevented. To halt the development of the disease and to promote healing, re-establishment […]…

Infographic: Investigating Whether Single Cells Learn – www.the-scientist.com

From www.the-scientist.com Excerpt: Psychologist Beatrice Gelber conducted experiments in the 1950s and 1960s to test for associative learning in Paramecium aurelia. In her main trials (top row, image below), she reported that, while the single-celled ciliates (green) ignored a bare wire dipped into their microscope slide, they swam over when she coated the wire in bacteria […]…

Scientists Create the Next Generation of Living Robots – scitechdaily.com

From scitechdaily.com Tufts University Excerpt:   Xenobots exhibit cooperative swarm activity, in this case working together to gather piles of tiny particles. Credit: Doug Blackiston, Tufts University Artificial living organisms can move material in swarms and record information. Last year, a team of biologists and computer scientists from Tufts University and the University of Vermont […]…

Scientists Discover That the Shape of Light Changes Our Vision – scitechdaily.com

From scitechdaily.com University of Geneva Excerpt: Artist’s view of femtosecond laser pulses arriving in an eye. Credit: © Scientify – UNIGE Scientists at the UNIGE have shown that the response of the retina to light depends not only on the intensity of the light perceived by the eye, but also on its temporal shape and […]…