Freedomist Publisher William (Bill) Collier, Jr.

Collier is a political strategist, business development strategist, and web design professional with extensive experience in traditional and new media, including marketing in various mediums, gaining supporters/subscribers or leads, and developing activists and raving fans through member enrollment, community governance, and mobilization.  

As owner of PR and marketing firm Regal Blue Media, Collier’s work includes consulting, narrative development, grassroots field mobilization and volunteer mobilization, and dominating the media narrative. Collier also owns Freedomist LLC, which publishes The Freedomist, as well as a network of websites and social media properties.

Collier was a co-founder and the marketing and web expert who developed The Economic Standard, an economic policy website trusted by many thought-leaders and key policy influencers in the US, EU, the UK, and around the world. 

Collier’s experience spans decades in political organizations, campaigns, and industries.  His behind-the-scenes work in traditional media, business marketing, marketing research, and public relations has proved significant to some of the major political developments of our time.

Collier has been recognized as one of key people involved in the early development of the national Tea Party movement, mobilizing the mission of the #DONTGO; a precursor of the Tea Party movement and helping to launch, and then manage, the Team Sarah social network supporting Sarah Palin in 2008.

The Team Sarah network was responsible for training and mobilizing Tea Party activists around the country through its then 62,000 plus activist base. Today it is called The American Freedomist Network and includes over 78,000 activists.

During this time, Collier thwarted an attempt by liberals to defame Team Sarah.


Among Collier’s credentials is also being an excellent fundraiser, as he was an integral part of Team Sarah who helped raise $59,000 to bring Sarah Palin to Iowa to speak before Iowa Family Policy Action. 

Team Sarah wasn’t just a group to promote Sarah Palin, as this mostly female team also opposed the nomination of Sebelius to the head of Department of Health and Human Services as acknowledged on the Mudflats blog

William Collier, an Internet and social media prodigy, is poised to play an important future role.”

Dr. Arthur B. Laffer

TIME Greatest Minds of the 20th Century (1999), holder Presidential Medal of Freedom

Collier’s recent work extends into the mainstream: Collier co-founded the Freedomist.  This national news site is known for being inspired by the Bill of Rights and eliminating the opportunity for watered down misinterpretations of contemporary events.

Collier also orchestrates both digital and content for the Committee To Unleash Prosperity (a ‘supply side portal’ conceptualized by principals Steve Forbes, Art Laffler, Steve Moore, and Larry Kudlow), and his rapid response extends into effecting White House and congressional action.

Collier has interviewed Vice President Mike Pence and had his work quoted by Michelle Malkin, Newsmax, the Washington Examiner, FOX News, MSNBC, and Politico.

Phil Kerpen has cited Bill Collier and the Freedomist in his book, Democracy Denied, which Mark Levin dubbed as a must read. Kepren has again cited Bill Collier on his appearances on Fox News and Susan Crawford.

Collier’s book The Capitalist Manifesto, co-written with Ralph Benko, positively proclaims the Capitalist cause of universal affluence.

The Capitalist Manifesto is a classic. Ralph Benko and Bill Collier have provided the definitive refutation of socialism, which they shrewdly annihilate as merely a modern form of feudalism, and show how it is capitalism, not communism, that improves the welfare of workers and of our natural environment.

Grover Norquist

President and Founder, Americans for Tax Reform

Collier has a reputation for recognizing politicians and their shady business partners. He was recognized on the Foxhole blog for making the Obama-Acorn connection through his czar appointments.

This isn’t Collier’s only time making these sorts of connections, as he was also recognized by Michelle Malkin on her UNZ review for drawing the connection between Nancy Pelosi and T. Boone Pickens.