LAWSUIT EXPOSES DNC-BIG TECH COLLUSION IN CENSORING COVID-19 INFORMATION- A major lawsuit called Missouri v Biden has exposed 67 officials and agencies that have allegedly participated in working with Facebook, Twitter, and Google to assure the DNC take on Covid-19 and Hunter Biden laptops was enforced by censoring everything that defied it as “misinformation.”

“We allege that top-ranking Biden administration officials colluded with those social media companies to suppress speech about the Hunter Biden laptop story, the origins of COVID-19, the efficacy of masks, and election integrity.” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt


Lawsuit reveals vast censorship scheme by Big Tech and the federal government

A little noticed federal lawsuit, Missouri v. Biden, is uncovering astonishing evidence of an entrenched censorship scheme cooked up between the federal government and Big Tech that would make Communist China proud.

So far, 67 officials or agencies — including the FBI — have been accused in the lawsuit of violating the First Amendment by pressuring Facebook, Twitter and Google to censor users for alleged misinformation or disinformation.

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