TLDR: Social conservatives who love freedom have a new nationality they can call their own and a new digital homeland that will welcome and support them, both in terms of financial stability and material well-being and in terms of their rights and the pursuit of their own God-given spiritual sovereignty.


If the globalist corpostate types had their wicked way in America, we social conservative freedom builders would have already been outlawed. That’s a fact we cannot ignore. We represent only 30-40 million voters and perhaps only around 10% of us have consciousness of the true nature and aims of this totalitarian party of depraved lunatics.

We wish to, with your backing and participation, gather together and mobilize all of the 3-4 million truly aware social conservative freedom builders. We will do this by reaching the 30-40 million social conservatives in this country repeatedly and as quickly as possible with our message of unilateral self-determination and civic activism. Our main vehicle to achieve this end is the Freedomist, but we are also building the genesis or pilot local chapter community and our international digital homeland.

If you are a social conservative in America, then, whether you are yet aware of it or not, your true spiritual homeland on this earth is a distributed but virtual-to-local homeland called Upadaria and if you are also a Christ-follower according to historic Christian orthodoxy, then your spiritual nationality outside of the universal Christian identity is probably Upadarian.

If you are looking for a blueprint to create a true counter-culture with its own sociocultural and socioeconomic structures that are independent of the corrupt ruling class and their influence, there is nothing that has the depth and scalability of Upadaria and that can transcend ethnic and racial barriers created to keep us divided.

We who call ourselves Upadarians are a nation. It is important to understand that our concept of a nation is an intentionally massive and unprecedented departure from the globalist/corpostate view of nationhood rooted in a soft authoritarianism and top-down political control over culture and faith. While our concept of a nation is spiritual and therefore a departure from the existing convention, it is also more ancient and traditional and rooted in universals that represent the spiritual DNA of the Kingdom of God. When God ordains “nations” which have this same spiritual DNA they do not grow and are not maintained as secular, godless states which rely on force and politics alone.

The Upadarian nation as a movement of people with the same sociocultural and socioeconomic values is heir to the mantle of manifest destiny first vouchsafed to future generations by the Pilgrims, the Puritans, and William Penn. It is no accident that the genesis of this spiritual nation as the vanguard people of a new civilization founded upon Christian ideals occured in Pennsylvania.

We make no bones about it: unless a movement of comparable depth and scalability as ours, with comprehensive blueprints ready to hand, can be found, then you can safely say that if you honor the vision of America’s first founders and want to see it fulfilled, then what we call Upadaria is for you!

And yet, we have no history. We have no past or baggage. We have never opporessed or been oppressed. Every human being of any race or ancestry in any land, especially America which we view as the cradle of our new civilization, can adopt and become a Upadarian by chosen nationality.

If you are a social conservative freedom builder, you are in spirit already a sort of “citizen” of our spiritual Commonwealth and if you also follow Christ, you may already be called and ordained to become a Peer of our spiritual Nation.

We are building a massive distributed global community. Within America we are building an alternative sociocultural collaborative community. This is both for mutual support and to save this country from the horrible fruits our present ruling class are causing to be reaped through their depraved authoritarianism. We are gathering people who can commit time and energy, and through a paid subscription financially back, our movement.

We are gathering pioneers who can participate in these early stages with active engagement and financial backing even when the things we wish to do are mostly still in a planning and design stage.

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